God Seems Slow, But Is Not, God Holds All The Cards And Knows The Realities, Thus:

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This is not an article about shallow reality, simple getting of material things through prayer or anything like that. This article will be a serious treatise on The One who holds all the cards and realities in the "life game" we are playing as a whole. This article will start fun and then end up very seriously analyzing reality as a whole:

Pam Grout and her "The Dude (God) Abides" principle:

Come on, who holds all of the cards and knows all of the realities of it all? If you answered God, and no one else really, you are correct. Even the devil is guessing what works as you can tell by the centuries, thousands of years and infinite amounts of planning he has done to actually try to beat, be and win over God and has never succeeded.

The few suckers the devil gets to make a deal with evil for temporary success do not even succeed in anything except ultimately cheating themselves. When really thought about, who really wants to join a loser like the devil. We all want to win it all with God really, and what is the nature of humanity except to genuinely want to join the winner. For every human nature wants success even when they do feel like failures.

Slow or fast, win or lose, do now, or die forever, we all make a choice

Sometimes choices are hard to make, sometimes choices are easy to make. But, be for certain about this: No matter what the choice a man made bible, tarot card, or any human declared oracle poses, there is always the nature of genuine good and evil to consider as a whole. We are really as winning or losing as we genuinely make up our souls to be.

So, to tell a genuine fortune: Who we make up our minds to link up with that is what we win like or lose like, no matter what the appearances.

As the devil can look like an oasis in the desert that ends up a mirage of nothing, so can God look like nothing but a man on a cross suffering and ending up dead and impaled, then after three "slow" days the miracle happens. It is all in the genuine reality, not the perception of reality. We all make a choice based on perception if it is faulty, and reality genuine if it is not faulty.

Do not tell my fortune, I will tell my fortune through my choice.

I choose the good! I choose the good. No matter what it looks like on the surface, or what it seems like at first, I choose the genuine good. That is all.

“The Arabs have a fable that says Pestilence met a caravan on the way to Baghdad. ‘Why must you travel to Baghdad?’ asked the Chief. ‘To take five thousand lives,’ he answered. On the way back Pestilence again met the caravan. ‘You deceived me,’ said the Chief. ‘You took 50,000 lives.’ ‘No,’ insisted Pestilence. ‘I took 5,000 lives. Fear killed the rest.’

So, with that fable retold, I say, no matter what, I choose the good. Fear and appearance will take the rest of the bad. So, without mincing words, I just told the fortunes of real good, and real evil. We through our objective based decisions decides who wins in our lives.

I know, this is somewhat of a scary article to read and internalize, but if you want to live in reality, you must understand that the good really is the only way to go if you do want to win. Not as I do, but as you do. As for the losers, I wish them the best, but they made their choice.

After all, I do not go by appearances, reality is my thermometer, barometer, and realistic yardstick of everything, including winning. After all, I end with an amusing little cartoon from Al Franken's book "Lies and The Lying Liars Who tell them. Think about it a moment, Supply Side Jesus may have better hair and a manicure, and go off in a cowardly way on a camel. But the real Christ is the great winner is what I think that message is. As for me, in the deepest way, I can now say that "Winning is everything to me!"


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