Going Green: The Reporpose Report Volume 7 Old Fashioned Know How

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This page focuses on some old time ideas that are very creative. These folks didn't have money but they had imagination!

Volume 7 Olf Fashioned Know How

Here's some very interesting information. Some is from as far back as the civil war era. Of course thses are low or no cost. You will see these folks were very very inventive. They had to be, with little or no money or supplies.
For light try this. Gather a few balls from a sweet gum tree. Place them in a shallow bowl filled with melted lard(animal fat). Let the balls become soaked them light them. It lends a lovely fairy like glow of light.
To stop vomiting apply cloths wet with brandy to the chest ( it has a warming effect). Also mustard platers ( dry mustard powder and water made into a paste and smeared on a cloth) applied to chest.
Stop suffering from chigger bites by rubbing the area with soap. A more modern remedy for chigger bites is to make a paste with meat tenderizer and water and apply to areas.
Now for wasp or bee stings apply cigarrette or chewing tobacco, moistened well to sting. It will pull out the venom.
You all are familiar with seasame seeds. They come from the sesum plant. It's used for dysemtery. A few leaves made into a tea.
A tea made from the roots and leaves of sasaffrass was used to treat pneumonia and bronchitis.
The berries from a dogwood tree are a good source of quinine which among other things is used to treat leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.
Blackberrys and especially their roots are known to be a very effective cure for severe diarheas of any type.
Nausea and upset stomach have long been treated with ginger root. I think these are some wonderfully inventive and creative ideas, born from lack of money and supplies. Maybe theres something here you can use. Til next time....Stay green


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11th Jun 2010 (#)

Thanks for the post. Now I know how to make a mustard plaster, I have read of them before but everything I read them in was older and they assumed you knew what it was.

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