Going Green: The Reporpose Report Volume-8 Java on A Dime

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This page is focused on low cost alternatives for high end coffee shop fare.

Volume 8 Java on A Dime

I am a coffee fiend! Thats as honest and as blunt as I can put it. Oh yes I love the expensive coffees too. A rich bold Sumatra in the morning. About 10a.m. a lushious carmel michiato is the perfect pick me up. At $4 +, a cup it's gotten to be more than I can afford. The time I buy my coffee grounds, filters,my favorite non-dairy creamer, and half-n-half, it knocks quite a dent in my grocery budget just to make my morning joe at home. So I started researching alternatives.

My grandmother lived and raised kids through the great depression. Sha had told me some of her hard times, but since her death I have looked back through her diaries. She kept one all her life. Here are some freat alternatives for coffee, some are my grammys, and some come from other sources.
The scorched leaves of the Holly tree were frequently used as a substitute for coffee or tea. Now these preparations are scorched or cooked, then ground into finer "grounds".
A modern herbalist suggested these coffee"taste a like"s. Roasted and ground barley, parsnips, chickpeas, and beechnuts. Theres also something called a Kentucky Coffee Tree( Gumnocladus dioica) and these seeds can be scorched and ground.
Coffee for peanuts! Or acutally from peanuts. Toast or roast 1 pound shelled raw peanuts. Remove skins. Grind the roasted peanuts in a coffee grinder or food processor, or simply between stone. Put 1/2 of the peanuts into a coffee pot full of water and boil for 2 hours. You can add more water if needed as it boils.
You may also use 1 tbsp of peanut grounds for each cup desired in a drip coffee pot.
Another coffee substitute recipe: Take sound ripe acorns dried. Then parch them until they pop open and remove shells. Once shelled they need to roast in a little bacon fat. Of course then they must be ground, but this makes a fantastic, rich, full bodied coffee.
I'm sure you heard of "Postum" It's available in grocery stores and health food stores. Marketed as a healthier type of coffee. It's made from wheat, wheat bran, and sweetners.
Dig up a dandalion root. Die and roast for 4 hours. The should be dry and dark brown. Grind and brew (1 tsp per cup).
Tese are some very good alternatives if you find yourself with too much month at the end of the money. It's a two-for, because they are all natural and environmentally friendly. Til next time.... Stay Green.


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