Going Green: The Repurpose Report-Volume 5 Spreading The Rumor About Dirty Laundry

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This article is about how to cut your laundry costs. Also how to keep your clothes looking better and extend there life, all on a budget.

Spreading The Rumor About Dirty Laundry

In my vocabulary LAUNDRY is a dirty word. I really detest it. However, how you do your laundry has a big impact on how your clothes look, how long they last, and how long they look good.
First of all stain removal is very important prior to washing the garment. There is the dreaded Blood stain! It's not so devastating when you know that hydrogen peroxide removes it completely. Put something like a cloth rag to the backside of the garment. Then apply peroxide! It will instantly foam up. Rub the stain vigorously. Some of the color should begin to transfer to the rag you've got underneath it. Add more peroxide,and rub again. You may need to repeat this a few times. You may also need to turn the garment inside out and repeat the process. Never use hot water on blood because heat causes the protein to coagulate and become solid. Also if you don't remove a blood stain before you put it through the washer and dryer, you will never get it out.
Ink is another very common stain. Simple solution hairspray! The cheaper the better. Spray on the stain and let sit a few minutes rinse area thoroughly. Repeat as many times as needed.
I actually love the idea of having my laundry room housing my sewing machine and supplies. But if you don't have this luxury you should at least keep a small sewing kit handy. Needles, scissors, several different basic thread colors. Check buttons prior to placing them in the washer. Re-attach lost buttons, fix hems and seams which are coming undone. If you have a sweater with a snag, stop it with a quick tack hand stitch. These all need to be done before the item is put into the washer.
Always wash in cold water. This saves on water heating costs and keep your colors from fading, and prevents shrinkage.
No fabric softener? No problem. Use half cup white vinegar. This softens clothes and removes detergent build up from towels making them more absorbent.
Most of you know that your dryer has a lint trap which should be cleaned after each use. Do you know that at least once a week this screen should be washed with hot soapy water? Well you do, it gets covered in detergent and softener residue and this decreases the efficiency of your dryer. This means higher electricity bills.
Don't overlook the value of a good, old fashioned clothes line. It leaves a fresh scent to your linens and cuts down your energy consumption, and wear and tear of your dryer.
Expensive lingerie and hosiery should be hand washed in cool water, and hung to dry.
Some folks don't like the feel of clothes that are line dried. You can remedy this by tossing them into the dryer of fluff for 5 min. This eliminates the stiffness. I hope I have given you some useful tips you can apply to your life. Tips that are good for your budget and for the planet. Til next time Stay Green


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