Going Green: The Repurpose Report Volume 6- Make up...Cost Down

Cynthia Farmer By Cynthia Farmer, 29th Mar 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This page will give you ideas on how to look your best without breaking the bank.

volume 6 Make up...Cost Down

I have always been a real "foo-foo" girl. Especially when you consider I was raised in the country. My mom is a full fledged "tomboy" and very proud of it. I have always loved cosmetics. My fiance' has a saying " Cindy won't make biscuits til she has her make up on". This is pretty accurate. Even if I am spending the day on the lake I still wear make up. This may sound rediculous to some but my face has never been sunburned. Make up is a physical block to the suns damaging rays. Now fortunatly most cosmetics have sunscreens in them.
That's my first suggestion. When you choose a product, choose one with multile uses. For instance a moisturizer with spf. Another good choice is a tinted moisturizer with spf. This is money and time saving. Another goody is the tinted lip balms.
Lot's of times I have been low on funds, but still need to look my best. I bacame somewhat of a expert at improvisation. If your running low on loose powder try adding a very small amount of baby powder. Now you can't add too much or it will make you look chlaky, but you can squeeze an extra use or two out. Out of eyeliner? No problem. Take a very small, fine tipped brush. Find an eyeshadow with a compatable color and wet the brush,dip it into the shadow til it's saturated. Use a steady hand and pen a line just above top lashes and just below lower. Allow a min before appling other makeup.
Another great improntu move is to use lip and eyeliner pencils interchangably. A brown or purple color eyeliner looks great on lips. Certain lip pencils, like plum for instance gos great with eyes. It can really make green eyes POP.
Lips are easy to accentuate with eyeshadow. Chose a good color of shadow ( the sparkling ones work really well) moisten a small flat wide brush and saturate it them apply to lips! Wow a very unique look ( and inexpensive).
Out of blush? Take your lipstick tube and dot it along cheekbones. Rub in the fingertips. Now lips and cheeks match lending a more natural look.
Out of mascara? Take your mascara wand and dip it into your liquid eyeliner bottle, Viola!, mascara.The opposite is also true, dip your liner pen into mascara bottle and your back in business.
One more thing, can't afford those expensive teeth whitening systems? Take your toothbrush and dip it in hydrogen peroxide then in baking soda. It's a great stain remover for teeth and it's cheap!
These tips and tricks will keep you looking your best, even if your wallet does'nt.
Til next time Stay Green


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Good articl, very well done...

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