Going Green: The Repurpose Report Volume 9-Getting What You Pay For

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This article focuses on things you are already paying for, or have paid for that you may not be aware of. I will help you recognize them so you can get and keep what is yours.

Dinner on a Dime...With Leftovers!

My Fiance and I love to go out for the evening. Dinner, dancing, drinks. I loved to get all dolled up in my club clothes and go to town.
Since the economic times have gotten so lean it's one of the things that we've really cut back on. Fact is we rarely go out to eat. Of course there are enevitable times that you have to grab a bite at a fast food establishment. Some of these stores automatically put ketsup, salt, pepper,napkins, in the bag. More times than not, now a days you have to ask. So always ask: ask for extra everything ketsup, mustard,salsa, sweet and sour,wasabi, sugar, sweetner, coffee cream. straws, and napkins. I put my ketsups in my bottle in the fridge. I never run out. Salt and Pepper can be emptied into your shakers. Always ask for any kind of condiment that is appropriate for the food you've ordered. Lemon with your tea, soy sauce, etc. Always ask for silverware and extra napkins. These are great for camping. It doesn't take long to build up a stock of condiments and sauces. You'll be surprised how much it will save you. It's been quite a while since I bought paper towels. I use my saved napkins.
If the paper bag your food comes in isn't greasy or dirty use it too. What I do is spray with either gold or silver spray paint and use them for gift bags.

Hospital Hospitality

If you have a hospital stay, or are staying with a relative in patient heres some things to remember. Everything in a hospital is charged for. I know, I have worked in them almost all my life. The mouth wash, toothpaste, and brush. Every little thing you've paid for. So when you leave the hospital be sure and take them with you. Lotions,shampoo,soap,vasaline,water pitcher, cup, bath pan, even oxygen tubing( this is great to make little garden fouontains with) all these need to find their way home with you, Dressing trays are one use. Many times they have scissors, tweezers,clamps, antibiotic ointment, not to mention all the bandage material( gauze, tape, adhesive bandages), these will all be thrown away if you do not take them.
If you are staying with a family member and doing lots of their care, like changing, making beds, and bathing, ask the nurse if you can get a guest tray. That way you don't have to leave your loved one. If you are helping out with their care most nurses are only too happy to get you a guest tray.

Self Serve

Gas prices are always high. Heres a couple of thoughts on how to decrease your fuel cost. Gas up your vehicle during the coolest part of the day. Gas is denser in colder weather. So you are actually getting more. Also make sure your tires are properly inflated. If they are underinflated then they will cause you to use more fuel. While you are pumping take a moment and use the window washer and sqee-gy to clean all your windows. Clean windows increase your vision and your safety. Also use the washer on your headlights, this keeps bugs and grime from building up and keeps your lights bright. Don't forget to grab a couple handfulls of those thick blue paper towels. They are industrial strength and are great to keep in car, for checking your oil or other dirty jobs. Well I hope you take some of these ideas and make them your own. You will be pleasantly surprised at your saving. You know what they say" money save is money earned" Til next time.....Stay Green


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