Going Green: The Repurpose Report..Volume 12 Tips for a "re"purposeful summer

Cynthia Farmer By Cynthia Farmer, 23rd Apr 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This article deals with using natural products you already have around the house in new and inventive ways. Like pest control, lowering water usage,etc.


Summer always makes me think of water. The need for it. The wastage of it. The lack of it. All living things need water. Now I know one person isn't going to solve all the environmental issues. But I do know that one person doing one thing can make a difference!
On the market there are many different models of "low flow" toilets. These are freat! Most are sleek and very streamlined. What about us folks who want to be "greener" but just don't have the greenbacks to go around replacing our perfectly working toilets?
Heres a solution! Take a empty 2 liter bottle ( like a soda bottle). Fill it with water and then sink it in the tank of your toilet. Make sure its not in the way of the working parts of the toilet. Or not blocking the drain. That's it! Now replace your lid and each flush you save 2 liters of water! 10 flushes a day=20 liters saved, 7 days a week=140liters. Thats 6720 liters a year saved! Best part is it didn't cost you a dime. In fact it saves you money on your water bill!
Another thing that summer puts me in mind of is "pests". Bugs, ants, snakes. My skin crawls just thinking about them. To prevent sankes from slithering around your house, try scattering moth balls. Around the house, under porches, around basement doors.
White vinegar is a product most of us have on hand. It has dozens of uses. Use it when spring cleaning. Run it through you coffee pot, then follow with a couple of pots of plain water just to get the taste out. A solution of half vinegar and half water makes a great glass cleaner. Use old newpaper to dry then. This is great is prevents streaks and of course costs nothing. Try vinegar in the laundry room also. substitute is for liquid fabric softener. Use in the same amounts you would. It also removes the buildup from towels making them much more absorbant.

Maybe these ideas have helped, and stimulated some money saving thoughts....til next time stay green


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