Going Green: The Repurpose Report

Cynthia Farmer By Cynthia Farmer, 10th Mar 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Article about reusing everyday items. Repurposeing them to save money and help the environment. This article is about reuse of hosiery. It will show you ways to save.

Volume 1

In each volume I will show you ways to reuse everyday items. I have a freat love for nylons. Thigh highs, knee highs, pantyhose, you name it. I love them more for uses they were not intented for. Here's a few for you to try.
Hair ties are easily made from stockings. Don't throw them away because they have a run! Cut them in 2in sections, they are similar then to rubber bands but they won't cut your hair. Did you know you can also use one in an emergency as a fan belt on a car! This is not a long term fix, but it will possible get you into the next town so you can have it repaired.
Ever been catfishing? Well chicken liver is widely known as excellant bait. However it is also know as slippery and tender and the fish often eat the bait rite off the hook. Solution: pantyhose. Tie off on end and place your liver in it, tie off the other end and place the thing on your hook. You will be pulling in the big fish instead of pulling in empty hooks.
Are you a gardener? Nothing works better the stake plants than strips of nylon. Houseplants, tomato plants, it does'nt matter it's a great solution, It's stretchy enough not to harm the plant and yet rigid enough to keep it attatched to the stake.
Fill a section of hose with potporri and tie off the ends then toss them in drawers on shelves, anywhere you want a little fresh scent. Fill a section with oatmea. Tie off both ends. Drop into your bath water, in moments your bath water will take on a milky look. Oatmeal baths are known for soothing irratated skin. Stings, poision ivy even chicken pox.
So before you head to the garbage bin with those runny hose rethink what you could do with them.


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