Going Green: The repurpose report - Low cost relief for some of the woes of summer

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This page will give you some good ideas for low cost sun protection

Low coat relief for some of the woes of summer

Sun Damage 101- It seems to me that the suns rays get more powerful every year. Perhaps thats just me or perhaps its got to do wilth global warming. Regaurdless the simple fact is that sun damage to skin is one of the major causes of wrinkles but more importantly skin cancer. Each year there are more cases than the previous year. A startling fact is that most of our sun damage is obtained as children. Now even though I love to save money, my kids sunblock is one thing I believe you get what you pay for. I prefer neutrogena or bull frog. It is so important to reapply after swimming, and even after a lot of sweating.
I am also a firm believer in physical aids to block the sun. You can pick up sunglasses for $1.00 at hundreds of locations. I used to spend a lot of money on the name brands, forget it. I am way too rough on them, so are kids. Buy up several pairs of cheap shades, pick fun colors and even embelish them with colored gems and super glue. Anything that will make the kidos more apt to keep them on. Keep a basket by the front door, or foyer filled with different eyewear. Use empty small travel size lotion bottles and fill with sunscreen so the kids can through it in their pack. (thats not saying they will always use it, but they are more apt to use it if they got it) Pick up ball caps, visors, straw hats at garage sales and second hand stores and place them on a rack above your basket of shades and lotions.
When applying sunscreen one area that is often forgotten is the pina of the ear, the upper ridge. It is the most common site for skin cancer! So slather those ears and lips. Now for sunburn relief try powdered clothing starch a cup full into a tepid bath. It works really well. Same goes for oatmeal. Take half cup place it in a section of panty hose and tie off at both ends and drop in your bathwater. My personal favorite is white vinegar and water in a spray bottle to mist the skin. I hope this helps you out some. Stay cool. Til next time stay green


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