Going Green : The Repurpose Report Volume 10- Getting Something For Nothing

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This article will show you how to obtain supplies for various projects, at no cost to you!

Volume 10 Getting something for nothing!

Now this is a topic i love! So I will probably write more like it. My fiance and I were given a house by my parents. Sounds great huh? Now don't get me wrong, we love it and are very grateful. The house was built in the 40's and has had numerous occupants, but none in 12 years. We basically gutted it, then started over. My aunt had recently remodeled her kitchen so I got her old double porcelin sink. My fiance is a carpenter and at the time was working for a vinyl siding company. They finished a job and had lots of left over siding and foam board insulation. Our house had no insulation in the walls or the ceiling. So he brought it home. A beautiful "cactus green" ( gray/green). We removed the old asphalt shingle style siding. It was horrible and pink!Yuk. there were some rotten boards underneath. My dad had a few pieces of plywood left over from a project and he gave them to us. We replaced the rotten wood and covered with insulation and siding. We had enough insulation for the whole house. We almost had enough siding. We had to buy one box of siding, it cost $176.00, and of course we did the labor.
We had to have an electrician inspect and approve it before we could insure the house. So we cleaned the attic out. Years of dirt dober and squirrel nests made us realize we really needed insulation up there. I mentioned this to my boss. They had built a new office building about 4 years ago. She had ends and scrap pieces of roll pink insulation left from construction. She gave it to me for the asking. I know it's a royal pain in the backside, but it's worth it. We scrapped and pieced insulation down between the ceiling joists. We had enough to do the bedrooms, bathand laundry room, and 1/2 the kit/dinning area. It made such an immediate difference in the temp of the rooms. It was a very hot, stingy, itchy, sweaty job( we did it in august). But the effect it had on our utility bills as well as the environmental effect it had by reducing our energy consumption was immeasurable.
My mom had some black paint. It was just enough to do our metal kitchen cabinets. Jay(my fiance) had a 5 gallon bucket of off white wall paint. It was left over from a motel job he did. So we painted the livingroom, bath,kitchen,dinning room, all this very light beige. Then we used different accents to distinguish each rooms personality.
We spoke to the forman at a small construction site and inquired about all of his scrap carpet pieces. He gave them to us just for hauling them off.
Jay isn't a carpet man by trade but he is very skilled at it. With the scraps he orked miracles. Some of our rooms have as many as eight seams in them. I know where he put the seams and I can't tell where they are. We carpeted the living room and our very large dining room. The construction site also gifted us with a small amount of laminated hard wood flooring. It was just enough to do our kitchen.
Our front door had to be replaced. Someone had to put an interrior door on the outside. It had not fared well in the weather. My dad had 3 exterrior doors he had salvaged from a house that was torn down. We got one of those and Jay had to change the hinges to the other side, but it works great.
A friend of mine had recently replaced his roof. He gave me 1/2 a bundle of shingles which was more than enough to replace the half dozen shingles I had missing.
What I want is for this article to inspire you to do is think creativly to solve your problems. If you have a project to do let family and friends know. They may have just the item you need cluttering up their garage and will be only to happy to give it to you and get it out of their way.
Til next time......Stay Green


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