Going Green : The Repurpose Report Volume 11

Cynthia Farmer By Cynthia Farmer, 12th Apr 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This article focuses on ways to get a little money out of objects that are normally junk.

Scrap Metal

Now everyone should be collecting their aluminum cans. I even colloect the ones at my offce. It's like getting free money. Your going to drink the soda ( or whatever) anyway. Plus it helps the environment.On the larger scale lets talk scarp metal! Recently in my area scrap metal has brought as much as 10 cents per pound. Do you have a non-working washer/dryer, stove? Maybe you have a couple of dead car batteries in your garage. All these items can be taken to a scrap metal yard and you will get cash! It's more profitable than hauling them to the dump. You've probably seen ads in the paper people willing to haul off your junk vehicles. They are selling them for scrap! You can do the same thing.

Garage Sales

Are your closets bursting. Are your knick knack sheleves buckeling from the weight? Well it's time to turn your unwanted items into coinage! Have your items easily accessable. The prices easy to read. It will go much smoother this way. Don't forget to advertise with bright colorful signs.

Tearing Down nightmares and Building Dreams

This section isn't as much about making money as it is about saving money. Is there a building project you want to do? Check the classifdied ads. Lot's of people will ask for some one to tear down a structure in exchange for the material you salvage from it. usually what you get is lumber, doors, brick, block. Possibly even antique fixtures and cabinets. There actually quite a market for antique brick and block, tile and fixtures. Be creative, and resourceful. It's good for you and the environment.
Till next time....Stay Green


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