Going Green : The Repurpose Report Volume 4- A Day at the Spa

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This page is all about inexpensive way to treat yourself like a spa, all within the comforts of home.

Volume 4 A Day at the Spa

Every girl/woman likes to be pampered. I know I sure do. In tough economic times, when everyone is cutting down and trimming the fat from their budgets. Luxury items are some of the first things to be cut. Obviously we cut down on the big ticket items like vacations, sports cars, ski boats. We also tend to cut out our litttle personal luxury items, like weekly manicures, and massages. The problem I have with this is that we all need some kind of stress relief. A mini-vacation so to speak. I've got just the thing! No expense required!
You probably already have this in your cupboard. If not you need to invest the fifty cents to one dollar for 1/2 gallon of epsom salt. Epsom salt is a mineral-magnesium sulfate. It has multiple uses. It's a great soak for tired muscles and can be taken internally for constipation.
Try this pur 1/4 cup epsom salt into a pan of hot water, large enough to get both your feet in. Soak for 15 minutes, pat dry and remove dead skin with one of those metal grater tools. Next apply vasoline or some other thick moisturizer, then put on some all white cotton socks and leave overnight.
Need a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. Use either mayo or your regular conditioner. Wrap head in a plastic grocery bag and then wrap head with a hot towel. Leave for 15 minutes, your hair will be sliky and shiny and soft.
Need exfoliation? Take your daily cleanser and add a teaspoon of sugar to it. Then rub into face in gentle circles. Then rinse
Need a facial mask that pulls out dirt and blackheads? Take the white of 2 eggs and whip with a fork for about 45 seconds. Apply to face in multiple coats. When dry try and peel off as much as you can. Rinse the remainder off.
Troubled with dry skin? After you shower( before you dry off) apply oil lierally to body. Baby oil, even tanning oil. What ever you have handy. Then pat skin dry. This leaves you soft and supple.
Do you have irratated skin? Place 1/4 cup of oatmeal in a section of pantyhose and tie off both ends. Drop in your bathwater, It soothes dry irratated and red itchy skin.
With very little expense youcan give yourself a mini-vacation. Until next tiem. Stay Green


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