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We try to answer the question of where gold came from, one theory is meterorites crashed into the earth and when they cooled they made gold. But I dont think thats it, I will go along with the volcanic upheaval theory which seems to have data to back it up.

How did it get here and so deep.

The surface Gold that fueled the gold rushes of modern times is said to come from the meteorites crashing into earth. The theory is that they crashed into earth with such velocity and force that they drove deep into the earth. This then accounts for the gold being found at such depths as in the Empire mine in Grass Valley, California as over 5000 feet, or the Tau Tona is in South Africa that is 2.4 miles deep.
Could it be possible the theory of the meteorites is right, it is really something to think about while you are considering the modern day gold rush. The reason is not that more gold has been found but because of demand and only a limited supply, the price has gone sky high, from $35.00 an ounce in 1956 to a present day price of about$1500.00 an ounce, so it’s the price that that is fueling the new gold rush.

Early Gold

We know that gold was mined and coins made in around 610 B. C. and a lot of gold came from Nubian. There is also evidence that they were using hydraulic mining methods in 25 B.C. I wonder how they got the water pressure. But now you have to remember the story of the Golden Fleece. Was this from a golden sheep??? Not hardly. What historians have figured out is the fleece was used to line their sluice boxes when mining and this fleece caught so much gold it looked entirely golden and that’s how they got the golden fleece.

The Versitility of Gold

In the 5th and 6th century they were minting square gold coins called the ying yuan. There was also much gold mined in the Balkans. In Genesis 2:11 it tells how rich the rivers were where the four rivers came together. This was the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers and two others I don’t know the names of. Then in Revelation 21:21 it tells how the city streets were paved with gold and it was so fine it was transparent. Gold in the most malleable metal there is, the fact is Gold Leaf can be beaten thin enough to become transparent. Another interesting thing is one ounce of gold can be beaten into three hundred square feet and it can be beaten thin enough to become transparent then they can use it for a heat shield in space helmets, and as a defogger on the windows of supersonic fighter planes.
As it turns out Gold is one of the oldest elements know to man, and one of the most useful. It is one the most versatile and useful things we have in everyday life.


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