Gold Why Not Get Some For Yourself

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How to go looking for gold for a weekend outing, and get the family involved.

Take the family prospecting

Some of you are now saying, “He is nuts how can I get gold for me?” It’s easy if you just think about it, and ask yourself a few questions, first I feel you should live within a day’s drive of a stream or river where there is a remote chance there might be gold there. Secondly talk it up to the wife and kids, plan a weekend camping trip then go to a river where you can prospect.
This isn’t going to cost you a lot of money why? Because you already have everything you will need to get started, then if it is enjoyable and everyone has fun and maybe you luck out and find some COLOR (that means you find some gold) everyone may want to go prospecting again.

Remember, if you are in strange country to respect the rights of the land owner, don’t trespass in areas where it is fenced or he has signs up. There is plenty of public land for you to use and some nice forest service campgrounds so you won’t have to dig your own latrine. Besides that if there is some kind of facilities the women folks are a lot happier.

Let’s talk about expenses for this little adventure, remember I said it wasn’t going to cost you much. You will have to buy at least one gold pan for your self and one for everyone who wants to “Prospect” with you. I am guessing that you already have sleeping bags and camp cook ware and a shovel and an axe, if not those are necessities. This is a family recreational outing not just for dad’s hobby; these things can be used over and over again. This gets every one out of the house and away from the T.V. set, and you can talk to each other.

The next big expense is gasoline for the pickup; the cost will vary depending on where you live and where you want to go. If you live anywhere in the central valley, depending on your vehicle, you should not use more than 2 tanks of gas.

There are many rivers to choose from in California, the Tuolumne, the American, the Sacramento, the Yuba and its many branches, the San Joaquin, also the Bear River was rich with gold at one time. You can call the Forest Service to find out the facilities available in each area you are thinking of visiting.
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