Gold and the Recovery

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How they recovered the gold and the method they used. It seemed they were always finding a better way.

Recoveering the Gold

One of the most important parts of the mining operation is recovering the gold and converting it into a salable product, such as gold bars that were poured out of the molten gold. Once the gold had set and cooled then it could be sold to the bank or who ever the agent was for the U.S. Mint. The mint would then take it and make gold coins, for the general public to use.

For many years The United States was on the gold standard, even the paper money was redeemable in gold until 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt mad it illegal for individuals to own gold except jewelery. Gold was still traded between countries until 1971 when Richard Nixon, who was then president stopped the gold trading and put the country on a system of fiat money which was not backed by any precious metal.

At that time gold became a commodity and was traded on the open markets of the world and immediately the price of gold went up until today it is trading at $1220.per troy ounce, figure it out a pound of gold would be worth a lot of money. Actually it would be $17,787.00 dollars for one pound of gold. Let me tell you though it takes a lot of nuggets and gold dust to make a pound. So actually its just a job, not a get rich quick kind of deal.

Small Gold How They Got It

Some of this gold is microscopic in size, so they have to use a helper to gather the gold. One thing that is used is Mercury, but mercury is poisonous to man and beast a like,but it is one thing that will pick up all the gold dust..

In 1783 it was discovered water and cyanide in a slurry solution would separate the gold, but it was not a good system,then in 1888 it was discovered that potassium cyanide worked well and got more gold. Then in 1969 through testing and trial and error they started using heap leaching to get the gold to bunch up, in other words it helped to concentrate the gold so it could be extracted. Another problem was pyrite cyanaidation, to get rid of the pyrite the used acid to oxidize it, and then it could be washed away. I heard a story that may or may not be true, the story is that some company bought the entire tailings pile from the Empire-Star mine, paid a lot of money for gravel everyone thought.

What happened is the buyer knew how to get more gold from the tailing than the mine did, he made millions because he knew how to get the gold.


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