Gold is Everywhere

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We are dealing with the golden years. They come too soon, but don't stay long enough, now there isn't time or energy to do all the thing we wanted to do when we retired..

Gold Can be Found Everywhere

What is gold and why is it worth so much? Does being golden really mean so much? What do they mean when they play Golden Oldies on the radio, maybe they mean the tunes are fifty years old, and some sold as gold records?

There is even a gold pass to the State Parks in California. And California is even the Golden State and the state flower is the yellow (gold colored) Poppy. There are many things that are golden in some way, for instance you might use gold leaf lettering on the windows of your business. The awards they give on TV for the actors performances are gold plated, the Oscar and the Emmy.

Then we have the golden years, I am not sure at what age that particular phenomena starts but I know you are too old to do the things you would like to do. What have you always wanted to do that you haven’t done because of money or some other thing, so now you have the money and the time, but you can’t do it because you wore yourself out trying to get to the point you could do what you have always wanted to do

So tell me what is golden about having to walk around in the park pulling you little cart with oxygen on it? Not even the old ladies will look at you. There is one guy I know who has to remember to take six different pills a day. I think we should change things around and have the golden years start at twenty and continue until thirty five or forty, and then we could enjoy our Golden Years.

In one town I lived in the streets were paved with gold, no it wasn’t ancient Egypt or somewhere like that. In this town they used tailings from the gold mines to make the concrete to pave the streets of the town. Plenty of gravel so why not use it, years later they analyzed it and found they had not gotten all the gold out of the gravel, so the streets were literally paved with gold. Some of you who read this will know where city that is.

In this life everyone is always after the gold, it’s not always that they want to be rich, but that they want the best of everything.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
30th Sep 2012 (#)

All glitters are not gold. Gold is something worthy for life and human kind.
Thank you for the nice article.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
19th Oct 2012 (#)

thanksa for the nice reply, glad you enjoyed it

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Sep 2012 (#)

I misread the title - "God" is everywhere! Anyway, there are gold diggers everywhere! Interesting thoughts, Joseph. Thanks for the share - siva

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
30th Sep 2012 (#)

You are right God is every where.And for that reson we have to mind whwt we do and how we treat others.

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