Golden hair every where, but I dont care.

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If you own a Golden Retriever and you have he or she inside your house. Then you sure know what im talking about. If you don't want hair everywhere then a Golden retriever is not for you. But I dont mind, id rather deal with the hair then being without my Golden, anytime.

Hair bear.

Golden retrievers have 2 kind of coats. They have the outer and an under coat, this coat keeps them warm during winter. They can be any where from brown, chocolate brown, light brown or white. The coat can be curly, crep and blank straight. Thick or thin.
I feel like I have 2 dogs at home, it sure looks like it on my clothes, tables and carpets. You may think that I dont clean my house but me and my boyfriend take turns to clean the house every morning for hair. Our dog Daisy is 1 year and 8 months old, so she is fully grown with a lot of hair, she stays on the balcony because we have moved to a smaller house, but you would think the hair wouldnt be able to come inside as easy, but trust me it is even worse than when she was inside.
Hair is everywhere and it does make you a bit mad some times but id rather clean her hair and get it in my cup of water than not have her.

How to help?

There are a few ways to help the hair to actually stay on their body instead of flying left and right. I changed her food a while back to pedigree I do think this made her hair much stronger and thicker. I brush her everyday, and brush her with an undercoat rake every other day. She has more brushes than me, she has 4 in total, and every time she gets brushed these get filled.
The word on the square:
The word is give your dog eggshells it help.(I tried, didnt make a difference)
The word is put a little bit of olive oil in her food. (Still in progress)
The word is wash her with cold camille tea. (Tried it, again no difference)
People say a lot of things, because they have tried it and it may have worked on their dog, it is different from dog to dog of course, so if you are in the same situation you may give it a try.

What I am trying to say is, that no matter a Golden retriever is worth the work.


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I was born in Denmark, lived in canada for 3 years, now living in Turkey, with my lovely boyfriend and our dog. I looove writing about anything that comes to my mind.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
10th Mar 2011 (#)

LOVE the dog pictures, Goldens Retrievers are very beautiful.
It is probably tough for you because you cannot get good dog food in Turkey I am guessing.

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author avatar Carol
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Lovely article and pics. I also have a golden retriever

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author avatar S.Hunter
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Thank you, yes it took us a while to find her because I wanted so many papers and proof about her being a Golden Retriever. I had to get her from another city called Izmir, but she was worth it :)

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author avatar Retired
11th Mar 2011 (#)

well done, and for me very helpful, we have become a babysitter to a golden retriever for a while, and you're right hair everywhere!

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