Goodbye Philippines: Fireworks and Firecrackers

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What a name! but this is just the name of one of the popular but prohibited firecrackers in the Philippines. Get to know more about the story behind Fireworks and firecrackers of 2011 in the Philippines.

Bocaue: Fireworks Capital of the Philippines

Every year since then, a week before New year's day celebration, Bulacan province is again part of national news because people from different parts of the Philippines will again flock the fireworks stores that line up the highway of Bocaue, Bulacan particularly those near the North Luzon Expressway Bocaue Exit Brgy. Turo,Bocaue,Bulacan.

I remember before, Bocaue was not a popular place to buy fireworks but I guess as time goes by the business flourish there rapidly so now it was very famous. Even if I came from Bulacan province, I am not proud of Bulacan as fireworks capital of the Philippines as there are so many accidents involved in the use of fireworks. The most recent news includes a 6 year-old boy that died while his father left in a critical condition after their tricycle exploded while carrying all those firecrackers they plan to sell in Nueva Ecija. Little did they know that the heat emissions from their tricycle would cause the explosion.

DOH Campaign

DOH -Department of Health had launched a campaign called APIR ( Give me Five gesture) to reduce the victims of fireworks related accidents this new year. A lot of hospitals will be open again tonight to be prepared for all the possible injured victims of New Year revelry. So, I guess, fireworks are not really to ward off bad luck according to the Chinese but instead it brings more bad luck especially to those who got their hands exploded with firecrackers or their house burned or their eyes hit with fireworks debris.

Five of the Controversial and Prohibited Firecrackers

1. Bawang (Garlic)- Some of these looks like a ball of candy or a box of candy but they are actually firecrackers packed around using abaca strings to a shape of a garlic.

Judah's Belt

2. Big Judah’s Belt- A long string of firecrackers made of smaller firecrackers hundreds in number.
3. Lolo Thunder- This one is similar to five star or triangular firecrackers but much powerful.

Goodbye Philippines

4. Goodbye Philippines, Goodbye Earth, Goodbye Universe and Goodbye Gloria- mostly huge triangular shaped firecracker or even packs of smaller firecrackers. They are all powerful firecrackers for daredevils and aggressive firecracker users. I just found out that there is a Goodbye Gloria firecracker. Somebody named it since former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the biggest news maker of 2011 and will be the headline again this 2012 as she faced charges filed against her for graft and corruption.
5. Watusi and Piccolos- dancing firecrackers and smaller firecrackers that put a lot of children at risks as they play with it.

Actually, there are other more firecrackers and this can be found here:

Health Hazards of Firecrackers

There are many health risk associated with firecrackers. However, people cannot simply set aside their tradition of using fireworks since they have fun and thrill using it at the welcoming of a new year. Some of the problems brought about by firecrackers are the following.

1. Air pollution- Fireworks release toxic dust and chemicals including airborne lead, sulfur compounds and even heavy metals. Just after the New Year, the air will be filled with all these toxic chemicals and this can really make our breathing difficult. Asthmatic people should not be out during this time. I have observed this and the air was really heavy as you see the combustion cloud around.

2. Water Pollution- chemical residues or fireworks fallout can be carried by rain and goes through rivers, lakes and oceans.

3. Noise Pollution- Most fireworks are meant to be loud and to exceed the 140 decibel noise that can damage hearing and cause hearing loss. Not only are these harmful to humans, it can also bring a lot of stress to your pets and other animals. Even young children can be traumatized by the loud explosion. I remember when I was 3 years old I am very much terrified during New Year's eve as if it was the end of the world for me.

4. Injuries and Accidents- If the pollutions are not enough, the injuries and accidents also are numerous. Fireworks can bring fires and also can accidentally injure especially those that did not explode properly and then others would hold or pick them with their bare hands. I guess one should be professional in using firecrackers so that they would know how to handle them safely.

New Year Pyrotechnics

Fireworks and pyrotechnics are all related. I prefer people to just use pyrotechnics that does not explode or produce loud noise. For others, it would be boring if there are no firecrackers or pyrotechnics as they brighten up the sky and made the celebration more fun. Perhaps, fireworks should be made safer and also people should learn to use them properly and safely and not for the purpose of showing off. Hope this New Year will be safe and less people will be injured or victimized by the nuisance brought by irresponsible use of firecrackers and fireworks. God Bless and Happy 2012 to everyone!!

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author avatar Denise O
31st Dec 2011 (#)

Fireworks are big in my part of the US, the south. I am curious just how many accidents occur here. People have already been shooting off fireworks since yesterday, I am sure they will go on all night tonight. To be perfectly honest, I never even thought of the environmental problems they cause, very interesting. Well done. Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Jerry Walch
31st Dec 2011 (#)

the sale of fireworks is illegal in most areas of the United States as is using them unless the display is put on by a licensed professional. They can be dangerous in the hands of children and callous adults but they are still a big part of our Fourth of July traditional celebrations. Many people in the U.S. will drive hundreds, even thousands, of miles to buy them. They are illegal but in the rural areas of the country, the police usually look the other way when we fire our's off.

I think that a better alternative to banning them in the United States would be to make adults desiring to buy them and use them first take a one-time fireworks safety course just as they are required to take a hunter's safety course before they can buy their first hunting license.

As for this article, you did a professional job of presenting the facts. You are an excellent writer, averygirl72, and the photos that you used to illustrate this article are fantastic!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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author avatar avery sandiego
31st Dec 2011 (#)

Thank you very much...Denise O and Jerry Walch! Have a safe New Year too!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Dec 2011 (#)

Thanks for the detailed write-up with interesting photos. I really feel for the children and animals for the stress caused to them especially at a time when it is supposed to herald happiness. In India too many children were involved in making firecrackers with minimum precaution and guidance. Now, the govt has taken effective measures. The pollution should be avoided and is a real health hazard - siva

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author avatar princess
31st Dec 2011 (#)

A job well done averygirl72. Congrats on your star page. I think the campaign has worked somehow in my side of the country. I have noticed that the vendors of fireworks especially in the public market have dropped tremendously. Nearly all were selling `torotot' or horns to blow and make noises with instead.

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author avatar avery sandiego
1st Jan 2012 (#)

thanks princess...I have observed that too...noise is quite reduce and quite shorter unlike before, no one burns tires anymore in our place and more use fireworks display than firecrackers.

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author avatar Buzz
1st Jan 2012 (#)

I heard that this "Goodbye Philippines" is the mother of mangler firecrackers. I haven't seen the casualties yet the morning after.

Great Star Page, Aubrey!

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author avatar Jerry Walch
1st Jan 2012 (#)

Happy New Year! It's 6:03 AM here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA and all is well!

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author avatar Jules Castillo
1st Jan 2012 (#)

i didnt know all of these

thanks Kabs Averyl

and congrats for the Star Page!

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author avatar Mv3ae BYlN5g80fYYlj6bW1rHgLPU
19th Apr 2019 (#)

5yRNky E9y1

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