Google Adsense Ban Inceases Day by Day

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Reports are coming in from more and more sources that Google are banning thousands of legitimate Adsense program members. Have you been banned? Have your friends and colleagues? This article asks why Google is banning honest account holders and comes up with some suggestions. Please agree, disagree or make your own comments on this issue here.

“It Will Never Happen to Me"

People believe that a punishment or a consequence is the result of an action on their own part. They believe that as long as they do not indulge in an action that the consequences will never arise. Well Google are proving them wrong. Just as honest people go to prison for crimes they have not committed so do people get denied earnings from their only form of income for no reason.

Never Say Never

Take heed of this warning all those lucky people still enrolled on the Google Adsense program. Never say “It will never happen to me… because I never click my own ads or ask anyone else to do so” as you can be banned anyway. All it takes is one inadequate reader who cannot argue his point of view and an understanding of invalid clicking and you are finished.

Honest Writers Punished

There are more and more cases of honest Adsense writers and publishers being banned from their Adsense account by Google. As having Adsense membership provided many with their only form of income this is a shocking development. The standard reason given for the bans is “fraudulent click activity”.

What is Fraudulent Click Activity? Can it be Detected? What can be Done to Stop it?

Although it sounds like something out of Monty Python’s Flying Circus “fraudulent click activity”, unless detected, ends up in Google Adword advertisers paying Google for a click from someone who had no interest whatsoever in the product, event or service they advertised. As these advertisers are paying Google for click on their adverts from people who are at least a bit interested in their product, service or event, this would be unfair. Of course, you’d think that as Google have the technology to detect fraudulent click activity so this really should not be a problem for advertisers… think again as there has been a huge increase in the number of people and companies banned from Adsense by Google.

Why Are Google Banning Adsense Accounts?

Much of what Google do and how they operate is guarded and kept secret. Take for instance the Google algorithm (the means in which Google Search Engine Results are served – ie what puts certain articles on page 1 and others on page 1000) this is a closely guarded secret. Google has refused to give those it has banned a full explanation as to why they have been banned. Because Google will not share their reasoning it is only natural that some people are speculating. Here are some of their guesses and informed opinions as to why Google is acting in this manner:
Google wants to save money. Hundreds of thousands of cheques it issued to one time Adsense account holders have had their Google check bounce or returned to them unpaid.
Google support the right wing. Many left wing and liberal writers have been banned so this assumption can be easily understood.
Adsense earnings have plummeted since the beginning of 2012. By banning thousands of writers those left should earn more.
Google want to see some websites go out of business. They have banned sites which express original opinions.
Because they can.
In the past Google banned all its Personal Assistants because they filled the diaries of their leading executives. Maybe (like Mitt Romney) Google simply enjoys banning people as it is close to the feeling you get when you sack someone.

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author avatar Moses10
24th Apr 2012 (#)

It's a shame how big powerful companies, like to 'sqash out' the little guys, for their own personal gain. Nice article, thank-you

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Apr 2012 (#)

To be left without recourse is punishing the innocent. Maybe, just grin and bear it is the only recourse! siva

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
24th Apr 2012 (#)

Some of the reasons you have given seem whacky, but who is to say? I consider that Google owes me $19 (the amount I had accrued when my account was suspended). Try that with any other business and you would see law suits for that money. Trouble is your email address stays banned forever.

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author avatar Uma Shankari
14th Oct 2012 (#)

It is frustrating when somebody gets banned when their earnings near $100. If they have the means to detect fraudulent activity, let them do it at the start, so the loss to the writer/web site owner is minimized.

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