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Google has a new tool they claim will make searches faster. Just how much faster? Read on to find out.

Instant results

You might have seen something a little bit different when you used Google. Chances are that you encountered Google Instant. First lets take a further look at what Google Instant is.
This is a radical change but more an enhancement to the existing way people already do searches. The way this work is as follows: As you type, Google will kind of predict what you are typing, filling in the rest in faded letters. Now I hear a lot of readers is screaming now – but it was like that a long time already – well you are right. But there’s one big difference. Not only will they try and predict it in the search box like before, but they will also show results on the page already as you are typing! Hence the name Google Instant.
So the results will change as you continue typing as Google try an predict it. Same as before, just with result pages as well.

Save presious time

Google states that this can save you about 2 – 5 seconds on each search. Well one thing is certain, they keep developing their tools and are always looking for better ways to do things, even if it seems subtle, you can be assured a lot of effort and knowledge went in to it. But the most important thing is the users! Will they find it useful or just an annoyance? Only time will tell. Is it useful for me? Well all is still the same for me and the way I search didn’t really change, although sometimes the instant results as you type can be interesting.


Is there any disadvantages? Well not really - some might just find it a little bit annoying if anything. One thing that can be a little bit of a disadvantage (and I mean very little) is that as you type and your target keyword is close to another one – that the user might choose some result before they even finished typing it.
For example if you target “Fish tank pumps”, and an user starts writing Fish tank – other results can pop up that is related and of interest to the user.
And SEO? A lot of people immediately starting thinking will this changes rankings, change the way we do search engine optimization or even make it obsolete!? Well a lot of people said that it won’t change how things are now, and I for one think there will still be the need for SEO for a long time to come. Just because the way SEO can change how it is done, doesn’t mean it will go away. It will still be there – we just need to do it another way than we do it now.


Only time will tell if this will change how we search the web, one thing is certain Google is always working on something to keep moving forward and keeping the number 1 spot for search engines!

Here’s some interesting facts for you related to this topic:
*The average user took more than 9 seconds to enter a search term before Google Instant. Some searchers even took 30 – 90 seconds to enter their search term.
*Using Google Instant can save you on average about 2 – 5 seconds.
*15 new technologies contribute to Google Instant.
*If everyone uses Google Instant, it is estimated that it will save more than 3.5 billion seconds a day – that’s 11 hours every second!

How has this effected you? Let me know by leaving a comment either here or on my blog.
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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
28th Sep 2010 (#)

Im on dial up.. anything that makes things faster is better.. will give it a check.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
28th Sep 2010 (#)

heck.. I just submitted this to twittley, hope it gets you views.

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author avatar James R. Coffey
28th Sep 2010 (#)

Yes, I find this new tool annoying as hell. First Google predecides what sites I should see, now what topics to search. Google isn't worth the trouble.

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author avatar Jacque31
28th Sep 2010 (#)

@ Mark - thanks for the submission ;-) As for the dial up situation, Google Instant actually uses more bandwidth, so if the connection is not fast enough it's turned off automatically if I'm not mistaken. Also it can be turned off if it slows you down too much.

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author avatar Jacque31
28th Sep 2010 (#)

James - I think a lot of people will find this annoying. I for one just continue using it the same way as always and don't even bother looking have way through what result have "popped" up a long the way. ;-)

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author avatar Denise O
11th Oct 2010 (#)

I'm feel the same way...annoyed.
I too use it the old way and ignore the rest.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Jacque31
11th Oct 2010 (#)

You are welcome ;-)

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