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Google is like an ocean. What ever you want is there. The question is, how to efficiently find out what you are looking for, without much effort.


While I started writing this blog, I was searching Google for something that I love most. That is using keyboard shortcuts. I don’t like taking my hand off the keyboard while I do something. May be that am pathetically lazy, or may be because I am not very happy in using the mouse.

This is not about doing something that is going to make others say “wooooooo” when you touch the keyboard and start browsing. This ain't any silver bullet. But just some tips to make your search better. Make stuff easier to find out. Because every moment is precious and is called the present.

OK, Coming to the point.

When I first started using the so called Google, I searched like, an essay in the Google search box.

“what is to be done to make me think like a geek so that girls look on me?”

Well, after me asking, Google thinks a while and answer me with something that never is related to my question. I do the same over and over again with several different questions till either me or Google thinks , this is insanely dumb!!!!

So, I was living like that doing this insane things in Google, and Google in return thinking “wtf”. One day I met a so called man who was kind enough to teach me lots of things that changed my life for once and ever. With all due respect and love to that man, I present before you

The Google Hacks. (This is what they call it).

OK, on hearing that , Google “hack” don’t run because FBI or anyone else is not gonna come behind you for this. Its just the name. I dint name the thing, it was called so then I came to know about it.

Google hack is a method that help a person who search the Google for something. We can search in the haystack for the needle , or we can take some better way around to get what we need. I choose the better way. Thats what am sharing here.

So , How do we do that?

Simple, Use some particularly crafted keywords that can help you put the search into a funnel and filter them out.

I ll give you a handful of hacks , that you may need, from a box full of hacks that others use.

1. The “filetype:“

You may think what this can do. The little dude is very powerful if you are good in reading. He can give you files that belong to the type you want to search.

eg: filetype:pdf Google hacks

can get you all the PDF files that are about the Google hacks. Isn't that awesome?

Nice, . OK....What is with me and filetype???
The operator is not just to be used with pdf. You can search the Google for any type of file. The power comes when , you are looking for something specific file type and the result may be really nasty containing all the stuff that you don’t need.

OK I understand , what is next?

2. The allintitle:

What in where?
Haha.. it is the “all” “in” “title”. Title means, the heading given to a page in a website.
Like “My cat’s page”.

This is useful when, you remember the title of the page, but you forgot what was the name of site you saw it in. Oops.! That may be useful sometimes. Right?

Eg: allintitle:olympics.

This will return you all the pages, that Google can find , with the title as Olympics.

Aww.. that's good.. what more?

3. The allintext:

Okie, this looks just like the one above!!.. Yup.. It really does. But this is more easy to remember stuff, but may find hard to use sometime. This is how it works. Google will search all the content of the sites, and will return the results, with, the data you told , in the body of the site.

OK, how that is hard to use?
I didn't mean, it is hard to use, its about hard to sort. There may be lot of results for this one particular hack, and may be some results that Google return may not be of real use. So I prefer this as the last option to search something. But the dude is really helpful when used in concatenation with other operators. Which I will cover in the last section of the blog.

Eg: allintext:olympics will return all pages which have the word Olympics in its body.

4. The site: operator

This is one , I love very much. You know why? Sometimes, I know where I saw something, but forget which was the way to go.!!! So this operator help to search something in particular inside a site.

Like., will return all the links that can be accessed in the results. The advantage is that, it will return everything that Google could find in the site, including files.

Ok, this is all about what you may really need to use. But what I have more to say it, about the mixed use of Google hacks.
All those what I have mentioned above can be mixed in order to get a better result. We can use the operators combined and avail more precise answers from google.

Eg: filetype: pdf

Will give you all PDF files in the site named mysite.

Ok, Finally....

Isnt that Awesome? OK, there are more details of this type of advanced search operators in . I think this may help you in using time better. Make use of this guys... Have a great life ahead.


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20th Mar 2013 (#)

cool, informative

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20th Mar 2013 (#)

This is great information, but you should publish the pictures full size.

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7th May 2013 (#)

An image depicting the same.

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