Got a flat tire? Don't wait for somebody else to fix it, do it yourself

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Here I am going to teach a person who does not know how to change a flat tire, how to change it yourself. Especially if you never did it before

Getting a flat tire

Any person who drives is almost sure to come upon a flat tire while driving. A lot of people have roadside service, a person comes when they get in the calls that came in before you. Sometimes it can take up to an hour or more. And these services are expensive, so a lot don't subscribe to them. If you are ever in a situation you need to change a tire here are some tips to get the flat tire off your car.

Where you should change the tire

Do not stop in the middle of the freeway, and make sure you pull off at the next exit if it is near. If not park the car as far to the side as possible. Also make sure that you put the hazard lights of your car so that people driving by don't run over you. Make sure that passerby in cars can see you. Also, a police officer might nust stop and help you as they are always on the lookout of how they can help. But if you have to do it, here is how to do it
Always keep all the tools you will need in your trunk.

How to lift the car

You will need a jack, which will lift your car.
A piece of advice about the jack, never lift your car with a jack on a hillside, or you may be looking at your car crashed at the bottom of a hillside.
When your car is over the hillside, you won't need to replace the tire as you'll be getting your car repaired at a garage or getting a whole new car.
If your car is manual then it should be left in gear and never forget to put on the brakes.
Get the wrench, jack and spare tire out of the car.

Taking the lugnuts and the hubcaps off.

It might be necessary to take off the hubcaps. Don't take the lugnuts off yet. At this point loosen the lugnuts by turning the wrench counter clockwise. If the lugnuts are too tight when this happens, put the wrench and your entire weight by standing on your wrench. If you wish, you can first try hitting the wrench witha rock you might find where you are with your car.

Using the jack

Now you use a jack. Each car model might have a different place you put the jack to lift it.
Look at owners manual when you buy a car so, you don't have to figure it out when you need it.
Put the jack on the car, and when everything is secure lift the car six inches off the ground. Always keep a plastic bag in your trunk because now is the time you should take off the lugnuts, and you don't want to lose any or you won't he going anywhere. The tire should be pulled off straight towards you until it comes off the wheelbase.

Putting on the spare tire

Now is the time to put on the spare tire and it should be on the wheelbase and pushed on until you can't push it on anymore. The lugnuts go on now but only half way into spare tire.
Now lower the car with your jack and remove the jack from the car.
When the is lowered onto the ground make the lugnuts gradually tight. Do this by tightening one lugnuts a little bit then do the opposite lugnut not all the way yet. Then keep going to opposite ones and making them tighter gradually doing it slowly until they are tightened as much as possible. Put the flat tire and all your tools in the trunk. Keep driving.


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