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Follow this easy trick to take your backlink strategy one step further than reciprocal backlinking.

Going 3 way

We all know about backlinks, how the work and what they can mean for your site in terms of search engine rankings. The most common ways that people get inbound links for there site is by a single inbound link or reciprocal links.
Now these has become so common the search engines are easily picking these 2 way links up, especially if they appear where created at about the same time. So one can think just how valuable these type of backlinks still are than a few years back?!
For a backlink strategy that is far better than a single or reciprocal one, you need to go one step further. Welcome to 3 Way links.

Better linking

What is 3 way links? If you have a site, lets call it site A, you need to get 2 more good ranking site that are willing to link to yours, say site B & C. You link to site B, site B links to C and site C in turn links back to you. Each site gets a link from one another, but is way more difficult for a search engine to pick up. And even if the likes of Google, Yahoo or MSN picks it up – there is nothing wrong with it.
Reciprocal links just seem so unnatural, and Google especially doesn’t like unnatural situations. For example when out of the blue your site gets 10 000 inbound links overnight, 99% guaranteed that something is fishy there.
But by all means don’t disregard any of the above mentioned inbound link types, but try to work in a little of those 3 way strategies.
In theory you can probably more than 3 sites (preferably not your own), but I think if too much is used it can be over done and maybe make all your hard work count for nothing.
So get in touch with some site/blog owners and see what you can achieve. Just a few things to remember.
1 – don’t overdo it.
2 – make sure the site/blog owner is trustworthy and don’t have a dodgy site.
3 – try to get good ranked sites, but don’t be discourage if you can as it will still help your own site’s rank in the long term.
4 - and most important have fun with your site ;-)

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