Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire terriers are beautiful little dogs. They have long hair that will need to be brushed and combed everyday to keep the tangles out.

Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are very popular as pets but they do need to be groomed everyday. You will need a brush for the dog's coat and a comb to get out any mats and tangles. You should never brush or comb your Yorkie when their hair is dry. Before you brush or comb your Yorkie spray their coat with a dog conditioner, water or a mixture of both. Do not soak their coat but just spray it lightly. You must always brush or comb your Yorkie when his coat is damp because if you brush or comb him when it is dry it will damage the hair.

The best brush for Yorkshire terrier car is a pin brush that has a rubber back. This brush is soft but the pins of the brush will penetrate the coat and undercoat and get out the tangles. Do not use any other type of brush, especially those with small balls on the end of the bristles as they will break off in your dog’s coat.

The best comb to use on a Yorkshire terrier is a sturdy metal comb that has long teeth. This comb should be used to help work out any of the tangles or mats in the dog’s coat. Use your fingers and the comb to pull apart the matted hair without ripping your dog’s hair. Apply a dog detangle product or conditioner to these matted areas to help get the mats and tangles out without damaging the hair. If you can not take the mat out you will have to cut it out or cut out part of the knot to make it easier to take out the rest of the knot out. After brushing your Yorkie you should always comb your dog.

Another comb that works very well is a fine toothed comb. You can use this comb around your dog’s eyes to remove any of the tear stain that may have built up. Be very careful when you are combing around your Yorkie's eyes so do not accidentally injure his eye. Be sure to give your dog a treat after every grooming. This will make him happy and he will want to be groomed because he will know if he is good he will get a treat as a reward.

Bathe your Yorkie on a regular basis to keep his coat clean. This must be done. After each bath give him a good combing to get out all the tangles. Make sure you completely dry his hair with a hair dryer. You will need to have his coat trimmed every few months. You must also have his nails trimmed on a regular basis.

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