Grooming your little Shih Tzu

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Tips on grooming and taking care of your Shih Tzu doggies.

Grooming your little Shih Tzu

If you are lucky enough to own one of these sweet dogs, then you know that the grooming can sometimes be brutal especially if it has not been kept on a regular basis. This type of dog has a very extensive grooming ritual, their coats if unkept and long will be prone to mats and tangles, although when this coat is kept groomed regularly these dogs can be one of the most beautiful dogs out there.

You will need to wash your Shih Tzu at least once every two weeks, more so if they are going outside alot and in the hotter weather, also the longer the hair the more washing they will need.

You will need to get a good doggie shampoo and conditioner, conditioner is really important, just like with us humans, conditioner keeps our hair soft and easier to deal with tangles, this will go for the long hair Shih Tzu also, put the conditioner in and it wouldn't hurt to leave it in a few minutes and comb it thru to help tangles. Make sure to rinse both shampoo and conditioner out really good cause sometimes these little guys are prone to skin irritations.

Make sure you brush your Shih Tzu everyday, make sure to get out all tangles, tangles can make skin irritations also, along with parasites that can grow on the skin around the mats and tangles.

Clip your doggies nails once a month, if you do this after a bath the nails are softer, make sure you watch for the quick of the nail, if this is cut it will bleed.

Check your Shih Tzus eyes often, this breed of dog is prone to eye irritations .. keep the eyes wiped clean everyday, sometimes their eyes run and if not keep clean will smell and mat the hair around the eyes.

Check your doggie's ears for swelling or redness, Shih Tzus can get ear infections. easily, gently clean the outer part of the ear with a warm cloth during bath

Finally, make sure you clean your little ones booty with a warm cloth every two weeks or so, sometimes fecal matter often can attach to the hair around the anus, and canb cause discomfort for your dog. Remove dried fecal matter with a warm, damp cloth.

These doggies are a joy to have around and are very sweet lap dogs. if you have one enjoy and love them as much as they will love you.



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