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The inspiration has hit me to jump into the vegetable garden and start planting my own fresh vegetables!

Looking to grow own fresh vegetables

In crazes that come and go, I like eating fresh vegetables. Lots of fresh vegetables. Cucumbers, small carrot balls, small round tomotoes, lots of lettuce rolled up, and something sweet like a handful of cherries to top it off with.

Buying it though is offputting. Sometimes I'd get to the shops and they don't have what I want. Or I forget to buy.

So, I have always wondered if I shouldn't just grow it all myself year round.

But I never got around to it, seeing as I'm really really busy.

But then, the other day Mother was suggesting I run the vegetable garden.

I ask her what's in the vegetable garden now, and she says nothing is going on there.

Seeing as I've wanted to grow my own vegetables, I actually considered it.

Few days later I tell her Mr. Specter and I will do it.

Humongous task ahead

I go have a look at the vegetable garden one day.

Now, years ago Mrs. Benedict who used to live here before us, or her husband or whomever, were growing Pietersielie herbs for a supermarket chain.

So, the vegetable garden isn't just a vegetable garden like you'd find at a normal house. It's a huge, huge vegetable garden, with concrete dividers for different vegetable beds. It's almost more like an agricultural field that looks homely.

But my having a look at it now, just shows me what a huge task is before me. Mr. Specter and some other servants usually ran the vegetable garden and from time to time there were all sorts of vegetable harvests.

But now, what in blazes is this? It looks like they haven't done anything to it for a while. Were they giving the place a year's rest or something?

Mr. Specter doesn't say anything along those lines though. He just hasn't done anything there for a long time.

The vegetable beds are completely overrun with unwanted wild weeds and whatnot.

No enthusiasm from the gardener

So, I make an appointment with Mr. Specter for 20 minutes or so each day to start getting the vegetable garden in order.

Something's off though. Mr. Specter has absolutely no enthusiasm for it. He does help me when I ask, and he even mows down all the weeds in a few of the vegetable beds using a weed eater without being asked, but it's very difficult to get him to keep our appointments for this thing.

He always notes how he has other things that need doing, and every day when I see we may not get around to the vegetable garden, I have to put my foot down sternly in order to get him to just come and get it over and done with.

Maybe he's getting old now and feels he does what he does, and doesn't want any more work.

Not long before I just decide to just not tell him about it any more; I'll just do this thing all by myself for myself.

Covering the soil with sail and having an opening only for the plant to grow

I am trying a new way of doing things. Waldorf told me that there are curtain sails that used to hang on the chicken houses of The Chicken Factory, that are now redundant. So he sends me a few every day and I use them to completely cover the vegetable beds so that no weeds can grow.

Then I simply cut round holes in it roughly the size of a human hand, and I use that then as a small vegetable bed to plant a seed in and water it and give it plant food. That way, there's not all those surfaces for the weeds to grow on, and I also can see each and every plant, seeing as I plant only one vegetable plant in about a square metre.

What I planted

The first things we planted when it was still Mr. Specter and I, are six mielies (maize/corn) that have been growing wildly in the beds among all the weeds. We just moved them into an organized bed.

But then, the first things we actually planted from seeds were cucumbers. That was on Monday. Today is Saturday, and lo and behold, when I look closely, I actually see one of them already poking out from the ground as a nice, small, green one leaf or seed head on roots rather.

I also planted one of those lettuce heads that you buy at the supermarket with the roots still on it. I used it over the past three weeks and then I planted the roots to see if it will grow. It does. It is sprouting new leaves already, and it's only been planted about three days.

Yay! My plants are growing. I hope this will work and everybody will co-operate and not come destroy my vegetable garden.

Demon dogs destroy vegetable garden

The first night, Brutus, one of the demon dogs, already came in the night and dug out one of our mielie plants and ripped it to shreds and dug around the place some. But probably he was just curious what we were doing and it seemed to him like we are digging around so he wants to dig around. Hopefully he's got that out of his system now.

Will I have my own vegetables to harvest?

So I'm happy with my new agricultural venture of feeding myself using vegetables from my very own garden.

I just hope the servants and the other house people leave my vegetables alone. For example, I don't want anybody to pluck out a lettuce head like people might tend to. I want to keep the plants growing and just pluck off a few leaves as they are needed. No need to destroy the plant.

I want to have cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and beans. I think I'll let these mielies grow until they make their cobs and then harvest them and then take out the plants and replace them with green beans.

Or maybe I'll just yank out the mielies and replace them with beans right now. Those mielies don't seem to be growing too happily. Seems when you replant a plant, it does kinda take a knock.

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