Guavas are full of vitamin C

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Guavas contain plenty of water, small amounts of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorous, carbohydrate, iron and a large amount of vitamin C. Except the Indian gooseberry (amla), no other fruit or vegetable contains as high vitamin C as guava.- not even oranges.

Benefits of Guava in our daily life

Guava trees are hardy type. They can be raised under any conditions with any type of soil. It is relatively pest-resistant tree and does not require pesticides and insecticides. It does not also require any manuring and can resist drought successfully once it becomes strong.

When guava is overripened and soft, its vitamin C potency decreases. The skin of the guava and the kernel nearest to the skin contains the maximum of vitamin C. Guava contains large quantity of fiber. It purifies the blood stream. It also helps in strengthening the lungs, stomach and small intestines.

The practice of eating guavas with salt or ‘masalas’ is not all healthy. As soon as salt is applied on its cut portion, juices start flowing out. As a result, useful minerals and vitamins are lost.

Guavas are of several varieties. The white kernel guavas taste sweet even if they are slightly unripe. The red or pink kernel guavas taste sweet only when fully ripened. Mostly white kernel variety guavas are available. The skin of red kernel variety guavas, when fully ripened, appear to be pale yellowish.

Guava twigs are used to brush the teeth. Guava leaves can also be used for cleaning teeth and fighting bad breath. For this purpose, the guava leaves could be sun-dried and burnt. The ash could be kept in a container and used as tooth powder. We may also add mustard oil to make a paste.


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author avatar Sheila Newton
13th Oct 2011 (#)

I don't think I've ever tasted a guava. Must get myself down to the fruit and veg store and see if they have any.

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author avatar Buzz
14th Oct 2011 (#)

I still munch lots of guavas. Nice share, my friend.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
14th Oct 2011 (#)

I brushed my teeth with Guava twigs gently massaging the gums when I had gingivitis and such regular brushing proved to be beneficial and the bleeding stopped.

Also taking the juice of tender guava leaves provides plenty of essential minerals for the blood.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
14th Oct 2011 (#)

Great... very helpful fruit and information, thank you:0)

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author avatar M G Singh
15th Oct 2011 (#)

Good info jaya

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