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In this article I briefly tell the story of an italian mouvement of guerrilla gardening made by people who work as volounteers promoting a positive philosophy of urban gardening, sustainable living and social interaction.

Guerrilla Gardening - A urban choice

During the passed years I had to move from one city to another quite a few times, one house to another, from a block to another, I changed city and country and therefore lived in a huge variety of urban scenarios.
However, no matter where I go or wether it has few chances to survive, as I move into a new home, to feel comfortable I need to buy a plant.
That's somehow connected to the loss we are living right in our citys, the place where vegetation and greenery spaces are suffring the most because of negligence and abandon, where urban spaces dedicated to plants are vanishing.
To respond, there actually are people who decided not to sleep on the problem but to arm themselves with shovels and rakes and go on the streets to conquer new green spaces.
To understand a little bit more about it, we met one of these collectives for you (and us, green freaks!)

What is Guerrilla Gardening?

We all agree that the urban space belongs to the community and the community itself has to carry responsibility for it's safety, beauty and sustainability.
Guerrilla Gardening is a world wide mouvement, people partecipate because concerned about a more sustainable lifestyle in urban areas, where so often green spaces suffer because of governments politics.
Their main goal is to requalify urban green to get people out of their homes working together at little gardening projects.
First of all the collective has to locate a space which needs requalification, it could be the case of an abandoned flowerbed for example, data collection about the environment like sun exposure, traffic, ecc is necesseray for a plants choice range.
At this point, inhabitans get involved through a discussion and the organization of their partecipation and, of course, plants have to be provided (see last section).
Here lies the truth behind actions of guerrilla gardening where a neighbourhood who shares a project for a common good means people taking responsibility and work together, an incentive for collaboration and care for flowers, plants and for each others!

How it works: Guerrilla Gardening in Bologna, Italy - Terra di Nettuno

To explain it better, I would like to introduce to you Terra di Nettuno, a collective of young people operating as volounteers since 2010 in Bologna.The partecipants do come from very different working areas:
They are connected in a network which includes among others, the shop owners of "Senape", urban garden center in Bologna, gorgeous place to find indoor and outdoor plants, furniture and design objects, nice people to chat with in their living room with wifi, or to have a veggie brunch on Sundays.
The girls from "Gramigna" partecipate often, when they aren't busy promoting urban vegetable gardens, helping out with informations for homemade vegetables and practical counceling, remember to take a look on their map of urban veg. gardens.

A true Guerrilla Gardening operation

I met Viola, one of the first hour partecipants, and she told me about how the Guerrilla Gardening philosophy operates in a difficult reality like urban development in Italy.
To mention just one among the others, in a road called Guelfa, two big compounds have been built, one in front of the other with a park dividing them. Destiny wants the costruction company to go bankrupt, the houses finished but leaving an abandoned park in the middle, last but not least, barriers surround the space not allowing people living there to profit from it.
Guys from Terra di Nettuno throw the barriers away and after long discussions, they now work to realize a requalification project, taking care of the ground, picking up garbage and planting new trees and plants which will give new life to the block.
Many inhabitants decided to help out, showing how this common project brings people together, how new relationships become possible, putting together competences and know-how, taking care of each others.

Where does the money come from?

Terra di Nettuno doesn't accept sponsorship from anyone, plants get retrieved from big distribution waste, anonymous donations are accepted, most of the money they need, comes from self-financing through happy-hours or dinners (one very good collaboration has been with Urban Resist Dance, an underground mouvement for urban sound resistance which works only with recycled materials)

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