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Laser cutting is now very commonly used in commercial and industrial environments for a number of applications. But with laser cutting machine manufacturers now offering many different types of machines, it is not always easy to select the right machine for your application. In this post, we have created a list of some of the most important tips that can help you buy the right laser cutting machine.


Be it engraving a product with its information or enhancing the appearance of a product; there are a number of applications for which laser cutting machines are now very commonly used in industrial and commercial environments.
However, with so many different types of machines available, it is not always easy for a buyer to select one. Thus, to help you select the best we have listed some important buying tips below.

Types of Laser Machines

There are essentially three different types of machines offered by fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers- CO2, neodymium, and fiber. Out of the three, C02 lasers are most commonly used as they are comparatively cheaper and consume less power. As compared to C02 machines, neodymium lasers have higher intensity and can cut through stronger and thicker materials. However, neodymium machines require more maintenance.
Fiber lasers from brands like Nukon too are known for their high intensive but as compared to neodymium machines, require lesser maintenance. They are very commonly used for labeling or marking workpieces with information.

Type of Material

The next important consideration is the type of material that you want to cut. CO2 machines are usually recommended for cutting leather, wood, foam, plastic, cardboard, glass, and acrylic.
Neodymium and fiber laser machines have higher intensity and can be used for cutting stronger metals, many different types of plastics and also some types of ceramics. These are commonly used in industrial or commercial environments, whereas, CO2 machines are also used at homes with hobbyists.

Bed Size

The bed size of the machine will determine the size of items which the machine can accommodate for cutting and engraving. It is usually recommended that you should go for a machine with a larger bed as such machines can be used for bigger as well as smaller workpieces and can also help you save a lot of time.
While most of the machines have fixed bed, there are others with an adjustable bed. If you work with different types of objects, a laser machine with an adjustable bed can be a great choice.

Power of the Machine

One of the most important considerations when selecting a laser cutting machine is its strength. A laser cutting machines strength is measured by watts. The higher the watts, the more powerful the machine is. However, it is important to know that the thickness of the material which a machine can cut does not depend on its power but its focal point.
With more power, you’d be able to cut or engrave materials faster, but this will not increase the thickness of materials that the machine can cut or engrave.
Use these tips when buying a laser cutting machine and you’d surely be able to select the right machine from all the available options.


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