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This page is about the different types of cars that exist.


Cars come in all different shapes and sizes. Many of us rely on them on a regular basis as we need them for transportation. Many also borrow a ride from someone who owns a car which makes this article readable by all.


Hatchbacks are suited for people who live in urban areas or for those who are focused more on fuel economy. Hatchbacks are also convenient for those who need to move large item such as washing machines but do not have access to a truck. This type of car has a surprising amount of space in the back for its size and its hatchback can be opened to fit more if needed.

Station Wagon

Station wagons are also convenient for moving larger items around that may not fit in smaller cars. This may be a good alternative to a van if someone wants to move more while carrying more passengers than a hatchback. A station wagon may also be referred to as an estate car. In North America, station wagons are not popular but may be in other parts of the world.


Jeeps were originally used as military vehicles and are now available for public use. They have since been modified to be street legal but may not be practical for everyone. Jeeps do not have much trunk space and may not be appropriate for carrying delicate or large goods. Jeeps are most appropriate for off road driving and driving situations where roads may be too tough for other cars.


Sedans seem to be the most popular cars in North America. This may be due to the better fuel mileage then SUVs. They are also able to carry more passengers than many trucks or SUVs. These cars have many names due to their popularity and can be refered to as a saloon car or berline. This car seems to have the right balance of trunk space, passenger seating and fuel mileage which explains its popularity worldwide.


Cars are popular worldwide due to their transportation abilities. It is important to appreciate them as technological marvels and a way for many of us to get around. The next time you see a car, keep this article in mind about the many abilities of cars.

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Great information about different classes of cars. Thank you.

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