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This page is about a column on chairs and their varieties.


During our busy day, we will eventually have to sit down and take a break without even thinking about it. This column will discuss the different types of places where we sit and relax for those few short moments.

Wooden Chair

The wooden chair is very strong and is a common sight at many dinner tables across the world. This can be a comfortable sit when one is at the dinner table. It can also prove a long-lasting piece of furniture as wooden structures are usually longer lasting than other chair materials. A disadvantage of this may be that wooden chairs are not as comfortable as sofas or love-seats and one may get sore after a long sitting period.

Folding Director Chairs

This type of chair may be more comfortable than the conventional wooden chair discussed above. It is also usually highly elevated off the ground to give someone a sense of authority sitting on it and give the feeling like having an important role in movie shoot. A disadvantage of this chair is that the fabric may decay and may not be as strong as its wooden counterpart.

Office Chair

This is the chair that you would find at an office or workplace and usually swivel at the base in order to type and work more efficiently. They are also very comfortable to sit in, especially when one has to work long hours at the office. A drawback to this chair is that they break very easily and usually do not last long.

Basket Chair

Basket chairs are the perfect addition to your backyard setup and can be a conversation piece for visitors admiring your chair. These are not as comfortable as an director chair but can be the perfect touch for your next BBQ. A drawback to these chair are that the do not stand up against the weather very well and break very easily especially in extreme climates.


This is probably the most comfortable of chair on the list. They are perfect for backyards on a sunny day or days when you just want to relax. They are the epitome of comfort and relaxation in the chair world. A drawback to these chairs are the fabric they are made out of could easily tear or you may fall asleep in one and be late for work!

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