Guide to Lighters in Emergency Situations

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This page will inform you on the different types of lighter out there and how they would function in different emergency situations.


A fire source is very important in an emergency situation. Hopefully, this guide will help you in deciding what type of lighter is right for you if an emergency situation were to occur. I do not personally endorse any of the products shown but only giving advice to the pros and cons of each style of lighter.

Butane Torch Lighter

This style of lighter is very convenient when you have to "point" a flame someplace such as a a fire or lantern as this butane lighter makes a flame like a blowtorch so it can point to where you want to go. It is also very windproof because this flame is very strong. It is also very water resistant compared to other lighters. Another advantage of this is that the fuel can sit in the lighter for a long time before going bad and can be used instantly. A disadvantage of this lighter is that butane torch lighters do not work well when it is cold so keep this in mind. The torch ports also get clogged up over time, especially when using low-quality fuel which will make ignition difficult.

Petrol Lighter

Petroleum lighters get their name because they are fueled by a light petroleum distillate. An advantage of this lighter is that it use any type of liquid fuel in an emergency. Please only use approved lighter fluid in your lighter or else it can be very dangerous and/or ruin your lighter. This type of lighter is also wind-resistant, which can prove helpful in emergency situations. This lighter also works very well in very cold temperatures. A disadvantage of this lighter is that it must be fueled and maintained regularly or else it will not work. Another disadvantage to this lighter is that if it gets wet, it will not work well and must be dried out before using. Petrol lighter may also give off an unpleasant odor depending on the fuel you use.

Disposable Lighter

The best advantage of this lighter is the price. The price of this lighter is very inexpensive and one will not get mad if this lighter gets lost. It also has decent functionality if used in normal conditions. The fuel also lasts in the lighter for a long time compared to petrol lighters. However, when it comes to emergency situations, this lighter should not be relied on as it functions poorly in cold, wet or any other emergency condition I could think of. This lighter is good for indoor functions and would be a suitable lighter if the power were to go out in your house so you could light candles but this would be where the practicality ends.

Car Lighters

In cars, there is usually a lighter and socket that most people use now to plug in their phone charger. This lighter only gets hot in a small area so I would not recommend using this as your primary lighter. It also takes a long time for this lighter to heat up and work, which would not be prime in an emergency situation.


I hope that you take this pros and cons and use the best best lighter that you think will work for your particular situation where you would have an emergency situation. Do not get too picky and in the end, any lighter is better than no lighter at all so make sure you at access to even a minimal ignition source that will help you with that critical fire.

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Informative article. Thank you.

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18th Apr 2014 (#)

I tend to have the disposable lighters around

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