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A variety of authors have web blogs. To start your own web blog, consider some of the following guidelines which will get you started.

Guide to Starting a Web Blog

The first step in starting a web blog is to consider which blog provider you will use. Blog providers give a variety of templates and options for blogs. There is some variety in blog providers, while some are free others may require a fee. Overall, they have a variety of options and features. To begin a first blog, Word Press or Blogspot are two that are worth considering. They have reasonably good options for blogs.

When you have selected an appropriate blog provider, you will need to re
gister with them. To register with a blog provider, you will need to give a user-name, then a password and perhaps some other details if fees are required. E-mails can be used for some user names, while an appropriate password needs to be included. Perhaps consider noting your password down somewhere just in case you need it for reference.

When you have registered with a blog provider, then you can start the web blog! Before you start a web blog, consider how you will title the blog, and what sort of content you will include in the blog.

With the blog provider, select the start new blog option. Then a blog wizard will direct you and likely require that you first title the blog. Then, a template will need to be selected from a variety available. When you have selected a suitable template, you will likely need to include domain name of some sort.

With this, the blog will be pretty much ready to post to after you have set it up. Before you begin posting on the blog, consider checking the variety of options and settings that you have for your blog. You may want to review what the settings currently are, and then change any if required.

To begin a blog post, you can start a draft which can be saved. For a first post, consider a short introductory post of some description. Again, you may note what sort of options are included for blog posts. With Blogspot for example, you can use bold, italic text, underline, and include variable fonts. Equally, as is fairly standard tables and pictures can be added to posts.

When you have completed the post consider previewing it first, and then select the publish option. Well done, you have now started the blog!

So overall, those are the various steps for starting a web blog. Starting with selecting a suitable blog provider, then registering, setting up the blog and making a first introductory post. Now, they can be further updated with content and perhaps also new design features.


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