Guru Nanak eulogised the importance of meditation

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Nanak and Kabir both aimed at the synthesis of the best features of Islam and Hinduism

The great Sage Guru Nanak

Sant Kabir, Guru Nanak and Mira Bai were some of the greatest Devotees Saints.

The Saint Guru Nanak
Great reformer of the devotion of the cult was Guru Nanak, whose followers came to be known as the Sikhs. He was born in 1469 at Talwandi (now known as Nankana Sahib). He travelled widely in North India and is said to have visited Arabia also. He started his religious career with the noble saying that `there is no Hindu and no Musalman' and continued to preach the gospel of universal brotherhood, religious toleration and unity of God. As a result of his simple teaching, Guru Nanak won a large number of followers.

Like Kabir, Guru Nanak condemned caste pride, idol worship, superstitions and useless rituals. He eulogised the importance of meditation, devotion and repetition of God's name (Sat Nam) as the means towards the salvation of the soul from the shackles of the flesh. He called upon his followers to get rid of selfishness and falsehood.

Nanak and Kabir both aimed at the synthesis of the best features of Islam and Hinduism. Both of them wanted to recognize Indian society on the principle of equality between man and man. Both aimed at the establishment of a casteless society book of the Sikhs.

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