Guy Fawkes Day Traditions

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Guy Fawkes Day, or Bonfire Night, is on the November 5. It is an annual festival in England, marking the failed bombing of parliament. Generally, when you attend Bonfire Night there will be fireworks and a bonfire.

Guy Fawkes Day Traditions

Of course, the gunpowder and fireworks never really went off. However, on Bonfire Night, the fireworks must go off! This is actually most important, and fireworks are lighted and then shot off in great variety on the 5th November. So, traditionally fireworks are certainly required for the bonfire festival. Some fireworks will shoot and then explode, while others can actually remain closer to the ground. There is some variety of fireworks, and the fireworks used on Bonfire Night can be very mixed.

Then of course, a fire is also needed for Bonfire Night. This is the bonfire, which is lit with some sort of dummy on top. Usually, these bonfires are lighted first before the fireworks are set off, with lots of wood in place, and perhaps other fuels added to the fire to ensure their duration in wetter weather. Gradually the bonfire burns out, or is put out if necessary. The dummy for the bonfire, is also included. Really, a suitable dummy will assist the bonfire, and can be stuffed with paper.

Aside from this, hot dogs and warm drinks are usually included on Bonfire Night. These can be required on colder November evenings, with hot chocolate, tea and coffee all suitable beverages for Bonfire Night. Toffee apples are also sometimes included as a light snack, in addition with other treacle snacks such as bonfire toffee.

Sparklers are also sometimes provided at Bonfire Night. These sparklers are really short sticks that can be lit, which sparkle before going out. They are fun, and are worth including on Bonfire Night.

Aside from this, Bonfire Night might well likely include some background anthems, which can also be of a variety. These can usually be more upbeat pop music, or any suitable anthem. Sometimes, the English national anthem of God Save the Queen or King might also be included on Bonfire Night. However, classical anthems are not usually included on Bonfire Night.

Overall, you should not miss these at a Bonfire Night, at least the fireworks or a bonfire. They are a part of the Bonfire Night festival, certainly within the United Kingdom. So remember the 5th of November, and do not miss Bonfire Night!


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3rd Nov 2015 (#)

Sounds like a fun celebration really. It is not popular here in Canada, even though Canada is a commonwealth country.

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