"HANSEI-KAIZEN" The Key of Success of the Japanese

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One key to success is willing to learn how others achieve success.

Progress of Japan

Since the days of the Meiji Restoration (modernization of Japan), which occurred in 1868 under Emperor Meiji, Japan's continuous progress, especially in the fields of economy and technology are evolving in tune. Starting from the industrial sector, fisheries, agriculture and tourism is growing rapidly as supported by sophisticated technology. The whole industry in Japan has been using sophisticated machines and robots, so it requires little human labor. Fisheries and agriculture are also supported by sophisticated machines so that in time can quickly obtain optimal results. In the field of tourism, Japan could preserve the culture and heritage of their ancestors to the present.

In fact, Japan is the only country in Asia that can preserve the cultural and ancestral though they have achieved economic progress and outstanding technology.

Why is that? Cultural power and noble principle of life is the key to the success of the Japanese. One is "HANSEI and KAIZEN."

The meaning of "HANSEI" - Self reflection

Hansei means humble and modest. It also means spirited to criticize yourself.
Japanese people will remain humble and modest though have achieved success and success. For them, there is a bad taste to flaunt his achievements.

They also did not hesitate to make an honest self-reflection so that they may continue to be aware of their shortcomings.

They have a belief that success begins with self-awareness. It means realizing the power and weaknesses. So that, they know what their mistakes in order to improve in the future. The Japanese believe that success is a process that never ends. There will always be challenges waiting for more success in the future.

These characters develop not only within the community, but also at school and in the workplace.

The meaning of "KAIZEN" - continuous self development

Kaizen means a continuous self-development or self-sustained development. Kaizen has three basic principles in life: learning, care for criticism and solve problems.

For the Japanese, learning is a process that does not end throughout life. Learning is their life from birth until death, so many Japanese people who succeed despite their advanced age. Learning is a life blood for them.

The spirit of learning, eventually forming the character concerned about the criticism. They are ready to accept criticism and advice from others to move forward. They are not angry or hurt when their products get criticism from their customers, this would be a motivation for them to produce better products.

From the two characters above, they have the next great character that is the spirit to resolve the problem. They assume the problem is a door that must be completed and passed to achieve higher success. They also believe that there is no a problem can not be resolved. This is a great spirit that makes them move forward until now.

Then, why are we ashamed to learn how others achieve success?

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