Halloween Costume Ideas for Cats

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If you feel the urge to dress your cat for Halloween, do it as safe as possible. Here are some ideas on how to do so.

Dog Costumes Are Not Suitable

It is easy to find Halloween costumes for dogs, as dogs are a bigger market for clothes. Cats are really not into wearing clothes whereas dogs are more receptive to their owner's wishes and ideas, so it makes sense to target dog owners for pet clothing. However, there are many cat owners who like doing unique things for their cats. While cats do not like clothes, there are some options to give kitty a special look for Halloween. It is best to get kittens used to clothing or accessories, at an early age. This way they are more likely to put up with it during adulthood if they were trained at a younger age and less likely to hurt themselves trying to get the clothing off.

Please do not simply buy small dog clothes for your cats. Dog clothes often pull over all four feet and around the body - cats hate that and it is cruel to force them into something they really do not like. Keeping all this in mind, here are some ideas for kitties ranging from the experienced dresser to the total novice.

Halloween Ideas for Cats That Are Harness-Trained

Angel harness by Meow-Wear (www.mymeow-wear.com) $ 12.99 for female kitties

Show your sweet kitty's angelic personality with this angel harness, perfect for the good side of Halloween. It comes in sizes small/medium or medium/large. It features bands of blue tricot knit with silver starred wings and a pink metallic dot print skirt.

Here comes the bride harness by Meow-Wear (www.mymeow-wear.com) $ 10.99 for female kitties

This harness (not designed for restrained) features ruffled trim with shiny pleather accents and a sheer skirt. Neck and girth bands are adjustable with hook and loop tape. It comes in sizes small/medium or medium/large.

Tux harness by Meow-Wear (www.mymeow-wear.com) $ 12.99 for male kitties

Here comes tuxedo kitty! Perfect for the handsome tom cat, this black and white harness features adjustable neck and girth bands that are adjustable with hook and loop tape. It comes in sizes small/medium or medium/large.

Halloween Ideas for Cats That Are Used to Accessories

Hooded bath towel by Meow-Wear (www.mymeow-wear.com) $ 12.99 Unisex

How can a bath towel be Halloween wear? Well, what better way for a cat to dress up for Halloween than be a mouse - and this hooded bath towel does just that. It features a mouse-face hood, complete with ears, embroidered face, and whiskers. It comes in sizes small/medium or medium/large. Since this item does not close, you can add your own velcro closures for kitties that are used to clothes. For those who aren't, you will be able to at least take a picture of your cat in costume.

Supercat adjust to fit collar by Meow-Wear (www.mymeow-wear.com) $ 7.99 for male kitties

Have your kitty be a superhero for Halloween with this red collar and yellow cape combination. The cape is attached to the collar and features a "SC" emblem.

Halloween Ideas for the Novice

If you cat is not used to wearing anything other than a plain collar, you can still dress him or her up for Halloween. Some options are adjust to fit collars or stretchy collars that have embellishments. Meow-Wear offers several adjust to fit collars suitable for the occasion, such as Nine-to-Five (a collar with dress shirt collar and fish necktie), Fresh As a Daisy, and Wild Thing (leopard look collar trimmed with faux fur).

Halloween Ideas for Cats That Are Used to Clothes

The Sophisticated Cat Luxury Boutique (www.thesophisticatedcat.com) has a section called "holiday" and in there you can find "real" Halloween costumes, like lions, lady bugs, witches, frogs, elephants, and more. However, these are recommended only for cats that have been trained to wear clothes and are already used to them.

Safety Tips

Never let your cat outside or leave unsupervised in the house while it is wearing clothes or accessories. The latter especially applies if there are other cats, pet, or kids in the household.

Final Thought

Don't leave the clothes or accessories on too long, and after you take them off, make sure to praise and reward your kitty. After all, clothes are a human thing.


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author avatar Denise O
11th Oct 2010 (#)

awwwwww, they are just adorable. I love your kitties.
I have no idea what I am dressing Bugg up as
this year.
I always dress up my furry family members.
You put a smile on my face...
Thank you.:)

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author avatar James R. Coffey
11th Oct 2010 (#)

I always thought cats wear their Halloween costumes all year round; the only creatures who do!

Reply to this comment

author avatar Alexandra Heep
11th Oct 2010 (#)

LOL James that is one way of looking at it!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Oct 2010 (#)

My cats would kill me. Only one will even wear a collar.

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
12th Oct 2010 (#)

Beautifully written. This was not something I had ever thought of but why not! Kitty looks lovely.

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author avatar Conny
12th Oct 2010 (#)

Don't give them any ideas Alex. Cats don't need costumes and don't like to be put in them.

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author avatar Denise O
26th Dec 2010 (#)

Alexandra, I have been going back and re-working my pages.
Bless your heart, you endured my very, very long page.
The one Laluls kept writing back to me, too long!
I have split it up in 4 parts so far, it will be 6 when I get done.
Since it has been changed I was reading some of my older comments, when I first published the page.
I came across yours.
I have noticed you have not piblished any thing on here in awhile. I also remembered you have fibro.
Hon, is everything alright? I sure hope so!
I have missed you and your work. I have also been worried about you.
I hope you're having a happy holiday.
Just thinking of you...
Denise :)

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