Halloween is a dangerous time for black cats

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Montrealers are preparing for Halloween, which is just around the corner. Unfortunately, with it comes all kinds of freaky things. This article will focus on black cats and how they are sought out and killed by some strange people with strange superstitions.

Afraid of Black Cats

Black cats have gotten a bad rap throughout the centuries. Many people in the past and even today are still afraid of black cats.

Everyone knows that a black cat is bad luck right?

I can easily say yes that is true. I had two black cats and bad luck, However, with a more extensive examination I also had bad luck even before I had a black cat. Humans have a habit of linking two different ideas together without any proof that these ideas correlate with one another. This kind of thinking is the basis of a superstition. A superstition can be considered an irrational fear and this is definitely the case with black cats.

Bad Luck

Throughout time people have been blaming anything and everything on bad luck. If you break a mirror it is seven years bad luck; If you put new shoes on a table it is bad luck; If you open an umbrella in the house it is bad luck. Superstitions are legends and myths that do not have any basis in reality, yet people in Montreal and all over the world continue to believe them.

Black Cats and Wtiches

History of Black cat aversion

Even though the ancient Egyptians revered cats, the western world has not been so kind to them. In medieval times in Europe, the punishment of death was handed out to anyone who was found to harbour a cat in their homes. Black cats in particular received a bum rap. Black was the color associated with evil and evil was associated with witches during the 15th century in Europe. These superstitions gradually made their way over to North America.

Unfortunately many of these women said to be witches were actually shamans or healers, knowledgeable in herbal remedies. Their important service to the community was lost because of their untimely deaths.

Warnings from Montreal SPCA and other animal shelters across North America

These myths and superstitions have trickled down through the centuries and still there are, people of today who are afraid of black cats. Many animal shelters report that they have difficulty having pure black cats adopted.

Halloween and Black Cats

Since Halloween is the time for witches, goblins, and ghouls of all kinds, of course the black cat will be a favorite Montreal Halloween display. However, the sad part is they are not only a display in a fictitious scene on someone's balcony, they are actually sought out, mutilated and sacrificed by some very sick-minded individuals.

Black cats as well as other animals have been sacrificed on Halloween since medieval times, either by satanic cults or the Christian church. However, scopes.com maintains that actual historical accounts of this practice cannot be verified; yet the legend lives on. Scopes did contact various animal shelters to ask about the phenomena and was told that the amount of animal abuse in general rises during Halloween time and is largely the result of kids torturing animals rather than actual satanic cults. Either way, these animals are being needlessly hurt.

Pet shelters across North America warn black cat owners to keep their pets in the house about three weeks before Halloween just in case. The Montreal SPCA will not allow black cat adoption around Halloween as a precautionary measure.
Whether it’s satanic rituals or kids setting cats on fire, be safe rather than sorry, by keeping all your animals at home around Halloween; especially your black cats.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
25th Oct 2015 (#)

Carol, thanks for sharing your article. I think it's very important for owners of black cats to take precautions. I'm going to share this on my twitter account. I don't like to see animals get hurt. Congratulations on the shiny gold star.

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author avatar Retired
25th Oct 2015 (#)

I like to see black cats and I always though that they were supposed to be lucky

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
25th Oct 2015 (#)

It is a shame that some heartless person kill a black cat on Halloween because they believe they are evil.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
26th Oct 2015 (#)

My wife used to work at a shelter and she told me that it was common for people to get black cats to have at parties and then the people would get rid of them after so people would adopt a cat just to have at a party then abandon it, but killing them really was not as common as people have said.

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author avatar Carol Roach
26th Oct 2015 (#)

yes it is not common but it happens enough that various shlelters across the US and Canada have issued warnings.

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author avatar brendamarie
26th Oct 2015 (#)

Great article Carol. I have never heard of people harming cats just because of their color. It is very sad.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
26th Oct 2015 (#)

Christians do NOT sacrifice cats of any colour ..and Halloween is still an evil night when terrible atrocities happen by real Satan worshippers .
It is not a safe evening for many animals or children , who sadly are abused under the cover of what has become a highly profitable and commercial enterprise .
Bless you Carol
Stella ><

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post

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