Hamster guide 101: Food part 1

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A hamster is a tiny, but adorable rodent. I bought myself a hamster, Marty, recently . I bought him on September 25, 2015 . You will adore a hamster if you are thinking of getting one . You know how great they are if you own one,.

A guide for the new hamster owner

This article is the first in the series that will be written mostly for the new parents of hamsters . It is especially it is especially for those who were never hamster parents

But if you have a hamster and any questions because you love this adorable little pet, then these guides might be of some help. They might teach you something you didn't know or it might be a refresher series. Because of course, you want to treat your pet right, It will be a series full of information I have had my share of some hamsters since I was kid.

There are recommended seeds and deadly seeds

The series will start off with what to need your new friend for a balanced diet.. I will devote this and a couple more articles to what types of seeds you can give your little one and which not to give because they could be deadly . Yes, there are some that are deadly.

Seeds are recommended for a healthful diet for your hamster

Seeds are great for a hamster because they eat them and receive a lot in return if they are given in the proper way., There are some of the seeds I am going to recommended that you give your hamster, and I am going to explain how to give the approved seed. I am also going to tell you what seeds to avoid.

The seeds that are recommended to give your hamster are a good source of fruit that is healthful to your hamsters diet , and they can also give the vitamins and minerals your pet needs for a healthy diet.

Give your hamster a sunflower seeds packaged for hamsters

You can give your new little friend a sunflower seeds as a treat. The treat can be given just as it is and taken out of the package of the sunflower seeds that are formulated especially for hamsters. Those hamster formulations are sold in packages that can be found in most pet stores that sell pet supplies , Just look for a picture or word hamster of a picture of a hamster on the packages.

Never give your hamster a seed that you bought that was packaged for a human being. Some advice is the avoidance of buying hamster seeds in the supermarket unless you are buying in the pet food aisle of a well-stocked supermarket.

You can give your new little friend a sunflower seed as a treat. The treat can be given just as it is taken out of the package of sunflower seeds that are formulated especially for hamsters. Those hamster formulations are sold in packages that can be found in most pet stores with pet supplies. Just look on the picture of a hamster or word hamster on the package.

Purchase hamster seeds in a pet store

Hamster seeds should be purchased in a pet store that sells pet supplies. The seeds meant for humans have sugar and salt, and who knows what most of the things most of us have never heard pronounced are in them, We can't pronounce let alone know what they are doing to our body.
The regular food companies that design the seeds are ones for humans to eat. The reason can't have those is the additives that we humans should cut down ourselves, because they can cause your hamster to become obese or get diabetes. These can take some time of lifetime of your new little friend.

The pros and cons of sunflower seeds

Let us go back to the sunflower seed and more information about them. The sunflower seed is good to give your hamster. It is a good way to give good fats and vitamins for a hamsters system for a balanced diet. IO am going to give some advice I want you to memorize Like my grandmother used to tell her human family food in a variety and in moderation

When given too many sunflower seeds it can cause your cute little hamster to become your cute big hamster. Too many can cause your hamster to put on massive amounts of weight. Also, the vitamin C in too many sunflower seeds gives the hamster diarrhea..

You can give a couple sunflower seeds with alfalfa pellets as a snack. The good part of the sunflower seed is they have crunchy and hard shells, Since they are hard, your hamster can hold and chew on it . The hamster loves to chew!
The good part of that is when the hamster chewson hard food it keeps his teeth healthy


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