Handle Life with A Cool Head, and a Body of All Else Warm and Wonderful Will Be Added

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Sometimes, like anyone, I get a hot, temperate head on my shoulders that has to be tempered with patience, understanding and tolerance of all situations. But, I do not let my rage get the best of me inwardly or outwardly, and I use that expression to my advantage also, here is how:

Winning with the attitude of a Zen Master, instead of winning through intimidation and force

Sure, we can all fight the war, win or lose. But, can we all win the war by intimidating our opponents and controlling our reality through force? No. That is why I said, we can all fight the war win or lose. But it takes a genuinely creative strategist and ingenious master of action subtle and overt to win where there does not seem to be a channel to win. I remember my Dad. He was that kind of guy without knowing it, because he had that type of insufferable patience that would eventually melt almost any bad situation. My Mom up to this day is the same way he was, and even more so. In fact that is why they functioned in their marriage together pretty well when they were married. Sure, we can all "get pissed off" and "blow up", but it takes a powerful person to do the opposite and win with a genuinely cool attitude that is genuinely grim in a positive way and genuinely knows no defeat really except for the ones you admit as "falls" instead "slips" or "skips".

Fighting and struggle are a weak person's game fully, because they are genuine precursors to "trying" and defeat. Sure, the rage of hating defeat can be there, but it has to be channeled into ultimate success if you really want something.

What do you think Napoleon Hill was showing with the stories of Richard Underwood (R.U.) Darby and Henry Ford in his books or W. Clement Stone putting the unstoppable positive mental attitude as the "first trait" in his works? If you answered what I would ideally like to think you answered which is: "Because it takes that sort of persistence to win at all costs." I will just say exactly. If you gave the whining answer you think my Mom would think I would give, well there is still more article left for you to change your mind and get some guts/power, whatever you call "strength to go on".

So, think, all of you; what does it take to live a great life? It takes that persistence which genuinely knows defeat as a slip, not a fall and the genuine desire to get what is wanted. The quitter that knows permanent defeat just has not found what they really want yet.

When I think about my parents, I have fond memories of my childhood, really, but when I think of those many friends, family, school peers and all of that without definiteness of purpose and laughed or envied my definiteness, it's very depressing, so I get it off my chest usually and do not think about that much really. I get the misery off like water on the duck's back and go on with my life.

However, I do mention O.J. Simpson sometimes, because myself, like many out there got really taken in by the winner he and others like him seemed like. People like him sort of "burn my soul", because they put on the show, and in the end, they have no substance except for rot in their lives. Sometimes, I get frustrated at the fact that they look like the winner I feel like inside without earning it seemingly. But, I analyze those feelings instead of getting really mad, and even bounce them off my Mother sometimes, with interesting results, and most interestingly, renewed resolve to really win and realize even more that life is just a mirror of what we are, especially at deep levels and like his bad took time to come up with the murders and scandals, my good will take time to come up the same way. So, I understand, I am patient and I am tolerant. I will not force any issue like John Dillinger running into the farmhouse saying, "I am a good guy named John Dillinger, I just came to say I am a good guy named John Dillinger!" But I will always do the right thing by myself and others and be a person of genuine honor, for real.

I do my best every day

I did not say I am perfect, but I do my best every day, even if it is not perfect. Look, if I am going to make myself a winner, I am going to do it from the inside out, not the outside in. Get it?

I got the section title from this girl I knew in when I was in private school for a couple of years during my childhood from eleven years old to thirteen years old that said as her catch phrase: "I do my best every day." I knew she was being facetious, because she was far from perfect, but I caught on to her deeper subconscious meaning being the astute and intelligent kid that I was.

Even if you do not get it right sometimes, present your best face and do your best literally every day. All that she probably meant, being about fifteen years old was fitting into her jeans nicely every day. But what I felt about that saying was, do your best genuinely even if it is not perfect, because with persistent effort it will become what you want ultimately through mastery. Indeed, greatness is more than a feeling: It is a state of mind you genuinely create through your actions, emotions and self-made realities even if you have to do some work on what is around you. In fact, if you have to do some work on what is around you, that makes it even better in some ways, because you can genuinely make it how you want it instead of "go with the flow" or take it as it comes. What do you think George Gurdjieff and Peter Ouspensky meant by the term "self-work" anyway, for those of you who genuinely have a deep understanding of what I am saying. "Self-work" is making yourself your best, not accepting what is there. So, handle all changes with a cool head, and make them work for you and you will indeed get somewhere and everywhere you want to ultimately if you are persistent enough.

What is the nature of life?

Patience, understanding and tolerance is the nature of life. I cannot put it any other way. Objective existence is what is beyond "the nature of life" is the only other way I can put it. But, in this section we are purely writing about the nature of life. It comes down to how patient we can be with situations, how well we can understand them, and how tolerant ultimately that we can be of it all. I guess, I could call objective existence the metaphysical nature of it all because it is outside of what we call the sphere of life that we live, and patience, understanding and tolerance is every day life as we know it within the sphere of life that we live.

I put understanding in smack in the middle of patience and tolerance because if we do not understand what is going on, we can genuinely have neither patience or tolerance. Even if it is unconscious or conscious, if we do not know or understand what is going on, we have fear, and impatience is really a form of fear, really.

Knowing and being responsible create a positive "internal locus of control" as psychologists call it, or we can handle what is going on really, to put it in more normal language. Indeed, conscious patience, understanding and tolerance improves potential and creates a better ability to handle life and existence.


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