Happiness: Money, Fame and Power

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How do we define happiness?
They say that happiness is "within" us. Cliche it maybe but perfect happiness is achieved through living with grace and being united with God.

Money, Fame and Power

If true fulfillment can't be found in worldly pleasures, then where can we find it?

Happiness is a state of mind therefore, the real source of happiness lies in the mind, not in external circumstances. If our mind is pure and peaceful we'll be happy, regardless of our external conditions. But if it is impure and disturbed, we will never find happiness, no matter how much we try to change our external conditions.

Money can't make a person happy. It can buy material needs, afford us to live the life we want but it doesn't mean that if a person has money then he is happy. A lot of rich people can buy a house but they can't buy a home.

Being famous doesn't mean you are happy, too. Many famous actors, actresses, singers and writers aren't even happy inspite of their popularity. They are idiolized by a lot of people but still they keep on searching for their own happiness. Some were drowned to addiction because they lack the means of expressing happiness. In their life they mistook external things to be the very thing for their fulfillment and satisfaction.

Recently, I watched a 1-hour presentation in History channel about King Edward VIII. What I found out was that Prince Edward VIII had killed his own father, the king, so he could take over the country. He killed his father because to him that was the only feasible way to become king. Killing your own father is the most horrific thing one can ever do. Anyone and everyone would have a guilty conscience about the act but for King Edward VIII, he did not feel any guilt. All of those were just to get his hands on treasures, throne, and to be king, as well.

As I could recall during my college days when my professor discussed us about philosophy in life, he mentioned about the "Eightfold Paths".
This philosophy was rediscovered by Gautama Buddha during his quest for he Noble Eightfold Path Enlightenment. The scriptures described an ancient path which has been followed and practiced by all the previous Buddhas. The Noble Eightfold Path is a practice said to lead its practitioner toward self-awakening and liberation. The path was taught by Buddha to his disciples so that they, too, could follow it.

The Overview

In conclusion, a person is not driven by conscience but instead is driven by self-desires. People will do anything for money even if it means stepping on their own dignity and ruining their reputation. People would exchange even their eternal salvation for power and fame. They are ready to commit and do everything even murder and crime just to put them in the throne of success and all. Where is perfect happiness and bliss? The mundane reality showed us the ironic beauty of happiness. We painted a fake picture of happiness but we denied the genuine ones.


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23rd May 2011 (#)

Nice piece! We are almost the same!

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