Hauting sex

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This is about the paranormal phenomenon known as spectrophilia. Spectrophilia is when people and ghost have sexual relations.

hauting sex

spectrophilia is a phenomenon that is described as a sexual encounter between the living the spirit world. As unbelievable as it may sound their countless stories on the Internet relating to these events. One of the earliest example of spectrophilia is in Roman and Greek mythology, both cultures have gods fornicating with mortals, often producing half God offspring. Fornicating with the Gods until the birth of Christianity.

Spectrophilia is usually incredibly intense and unprovoked. Some people feel totally violated and paralyzed with fear, while others were initially startled by the event but so sexually aroused by the intensity; some of the initial victims would welcome another encounter with the spirit.

You must be extremely careful when given a spirit acknowledgment because this increases their strength. You must set boundaries when dealing with the spiritual plane. The power of prayer is a powerful tool when getting rid of spirits and can be used in connecting with the spirit world. If the spirit is invading your space you need to demand that it leaves. Some spiritual experts suggest that you use holy water or sage. What ever you decide, stand your ground.


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author avatar foxpete88
7th Apr 2011 (#)

good writing..thank for sharing.-

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author avatar Tranquilpen
7th Apr 2011 (#)

Very good read, thank you Yvonne, I have been actively working with the spirit realm for 34 years and I can confirm this aspect of contact with the beyond.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
7th Apr 2011 (#)

Strange relations!
I have some doubts about ghosts and I hope someone answers.
Do ghosts have physical bodies like humans?

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author avatar Yvonnek
8th Apr 2011 (#)

No, that why they are ghost

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th Apr 2011 (#)

Ghost Sex huh.. wonder if they make porn about this.. probably do.

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author avatar Austee
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Interesting to read. It seldom happens in reality.

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author avatar Antonia
14th Jan 2012 (#)

Has anyone actually had a experience they would share? I seen something about this I think on Discovery channel.

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