Have you ever practiced Mindfulness?

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Did you ever think about what it means to live a mindful life? You don't have to be a Buddhist to attempt it. It sounds like a good way to live.

How to mindfully meditate

There is a practice called Mindfulness that is mainly a Buddhist practice. To practice mindfulness meditation, you place a cushion either on the floor or a straight-backed chair. Sit on the cushion with your legs crossed and eyes closed and your back should be as straight as a rod. I think it would be easier for new starters who plan to do it ten minutes daily to start, to sit in a chair. It might be hard to sit as straight as a rod for the full ten minutes. Wherever you put the cushion, and you are in the correct position you breathe in and out deeply. Then either focus for ten minutes on how your stomach feels when you inhale then exhale. Or, you can feel how your stomach feels.

Mind wandering during meditation

When you are practicing mindfulness meditation and your mind wanders to the night before. Gently brings your mind back to our breathing. Don't hate yourself because you couldn't keep your mind thinking of your breathing for a full ten minutes. The truth of it is that it might seem like you will spend the last day of your existence on earth. You are thinking this no matter how young you are. You wonder if you won't be able to correctly mindfully meditate regardless of how many eons it feels like you have been practicing. But if you do it ten minutes daily and kindly bring your mind back to your breathing and don't feel you are a failure and quit after the third or fourth day.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

There is a practice in the West that is called the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. (MBSRP) that was started by Jon- Kabat-Zin, and he teaches a very famous practice of eating a raisin mindfully.

When you first start Mindful Mediation start by doing it daily for ten minutes until you can sit the whole ten minutes without your mind wandering to whatever it is you think of most often. But I think even though it may seem forever it is really like a blink of an eye if you practice it daily.

What's next after breathing meditation

When you learn eventually, you can become aware of and meditate on a feeling of happiness. Or a thought such as mine in how I can make enough money to give to a charity and the and the actions such as the what will you do to earn more money to give to charity. And what you need to do to make that money. Something concrete.

Mindfulness and Attention Deficit Disorder

There has been researching done on how mindfulness meditation. The research thinks its perceptive neurally on teaching you how to pay attention. I think this would be good a good type of meditation for those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The being aware of how your body feels (such as how your nostrils or stomach feels
when you focus on your breathing at the beginning of your meditation practice. Mindfulness also has an emotional regulation that could mean how it is when you start meditating. While you gently push your mind back to the breathing. But it also how you feel like a failure that you can't keep your mind focused on one thing for what you think is a mere ten minutes.

There is some research that says that this meditation helps with monitoring the mind by neuroimaging and seeing if you have a mental illness And how the brain part that is causing your mental illness is changing. One part of the brain that the meditation changes in your brain is the insula. The part is also known as the insular cortex and insular lobe. This part of your brain regulates consciousness. I think this changes because medication makes you aware of your thoughts and how you are breathing. When you focus on breathing, that is what you do when you first start meditating. Then how your brain wandered, Also, how you might feel proud of yourself when you conquered the ten minutes without your thoughts wandering. You might feel like a professional. You are also aware of your body feels when your inhale and exhale deeply and only think of how your body feels

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3rd Oct 2015 (#)

very interesting article, this would be a great practice to teach to everyone

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24th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks for this useful and interesting share. We need peace of mind so that we have a fulfilling and wholesome life - siva

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