Have you given or received a complement lately?

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Here you can learn how to be a better person by making others happy.

Why to give someone a complement

Do you want to give a genuine compliment that means something special to the person you complimented? You never know if the person you genuinely complimented might have had a horrible day, and that person realizes the compliment is genuine will make that person's day a lot better.

Be sincere

One step is to be sincere. Don't just automatically say, I like your T-Shirt, when you truly think it is the ugliest thing you ever saw, or is not your style.
Another thing is just don't walk by somebody you know and just pick something about his or her appearance and complement them. Don't just say " like that outfit." Especially if it does not look nice. I am sure if you feel the person needs a complement that you can find something that is true. For example if they have dangling earring that move when your coworker walks, tell her. Say, "I love how your earrings dangle when you walk."

Admire actions

Tell someone that you admire something they did once or always and tell them in a complement. Say you wake up and feel hungry and need that cup of coffee and breakfast. But you don't have a coffee maker that has your coffee ready when your alarm clock rings. Then suddenly your husband come to your bed with a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed. Tell your husband how you appreciate he knew you needed that coffee. If the coffee was good, ask him how he got the coffee to taste so good.. If he gave you scrambled eggs and they were fluffy like you like them, ask for the recipe.

Find the greatness in new people

If your boss hired a new secretary, who seems shy look for something in which to complement. She is in a cubicle, and you see her typing rapidly. When you see her in the hall, tell her you admire how fast she types on the computer and say she was the fastest typing I her typing class.

Like others and learn to love yourself

when you look for something that you genuinely like a person, and you have low self esteem and an inferiority complex you might be able to look at yourself in a new way. Maybe you discovered you like your blue eyes .You can like anything about yourself. You are looking for the good sincerely in yourself and others.
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