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Should you follow your heart or your head? You're torn between the 2 ... which road do you take? The risky one or the safe one? The emotional way or the logical way? This is not a lecture. I have to admit that most of my decisions have been emotionally driven because I tend to think about what I've done not what I should do lol

Good Morning everybody ...

You ever been torn between two options? You know, one is risky and one is safe. One is nagging to make a quick decision because time is of the essence. If you lag too much you'll lose it.

For example, a purchase online. the clock is ticking. You know you can't afford it. The less time you have, the more your heart is palpitating, fingers are twitching, your head is seducing you and trying to convince you to buy it.

"Come on ... you know you'll look fabulous in this!" "You know you've been wanting to get something like this!" "You've been dreaming of this ... there's only 2 left ... come on ... before you lose it!"

So what do you do ...

Should you follow your heart or your head? Here's the theme of my morning chronicle. Before I start I have to admit that most of my decisions have been emotionally driven because I tend to think about what I've done not what I should do lol.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee and lets have a go at this ...

Panic decisions are rarely good.

Yet seems like we take them more than rational ones. Funny thing is we tell ourselves to take it easy, take time to think it through but the panic just screams us to hurry up!

Unfortunately, not all decisions affect only your wallet. Some decisions affect your well being. Who knows, it might even affect the rest of your life.

If you think about that stranger you met ...

your heart might be beating you and telling you to Go for it. Your head though, might have some questions and reserves so it is not giving you permission to to just plunge into the maybe good, maybe disastrous relationship.

In a situation like that ... ok, any situation you are struggling with, friends and family will tell you: "listen to your heart" because it "knows what is best for you". In other words listen to your emotional inclination rather than logic.

Is that good advice?

Think back: The last time your listened to your heart -- how did that go? Ok, maybe sometimes throwing caution to the wind turns out well but isn't there an equal amount on the other side of the coin?

Unfortunately, we are bad statisticians when it comes to our own experiences. Research shows that we tend to remember events in our lives that were pleasant and forget the traumatic memories. So,we're almost programmed to go with our heart because we remember the good times and use it as guidance.

Again, because we’re such poor statisticians: we remember the choice we didn’t make. We don't know what the outcome would have been therefore we guess at what might have been. You can't remember what didn't happen so you automatically label it a wrong decision.

So, What's better? Trusting your feelings or your thoughts?

Take a moment. Under pressure, aren't you less prone to take risky decisions because you're happy, especially when it's likely to make you feel sad?

Reflection on fast vs. slow thinking. Fast thinking is more affected by our emotional state of mind then slow thinking.

Listening to your heart is something that will more likely hurt especially under pressure. If you take time to sort out both factors, rational and irrational, your judgement should be clearer. If you decide to take a risk because you believe it may benefit you, take your time, when possible, to gain the most fulfillment from it.

Song of the day:

Well friends, it's time to get on with the day. Before you do, take time to finish your coffee and listen to the song of the day.

Maxi Priest -- Wild World

If nothing else, it'll put a beat to your feet and hopefully a smile on your face.

Have a great day and be good to one another and don't take your freedom for granted because it's not a given for everyone to do.

One more thing .... You know the drill ...

SMILE! ... You're on life's candid camera!


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