Head and Tail of the Dragon

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Sometimes disregarded the nodes or poles color our daily experiences. There are predictable tendencies, however that we can become more aware of.

Which End is Up?

Node symbols are discussed in

They are referred to as “dragon's head” and “dragon's tail” for “ascending” or becoming and “descending” or leaving behind. Hence in my case, burning all my bridges is a good thing.

I googled “North Node in 8th house” after looking at my Association for Research & Enlightenment chart (that is Edgar Cayce's organization) and discovered the following insights after taking and scoring the “test”

1. long life troubles with money
2. learning self-control & discipline (to balance past indulgences)
3. good way to balance past indulgences is to learn to live with minimum of possessions needed
4. reserve energy for other activities besides sex (I am in fact celibate)
5. all of the above, and meaning of my Hebrew given name, אביבה I will be reborn (cycles of creation/destruction/recreation; My father is in her)
6. burn your bridges (I am very very good at that)
7. all of the above, develop good character and do your own research/work (nobody does it "right" anyway!)
8. one thing I have which others do not have is extreme determination
9. balance my needs and demands of society to be happy
10. helping others to find their resources and VALUES is the right use of my energy--reflecting back to people the attitudes they show me, spiritual à la carte

I am lucky in metaphysical, occult, and spiritual pursuits because of my north node in 8th house placement. Famous north node in 8th house individuals: Winston Churchhill, Eva Peron, J.K. Rowling, George Washington, Cat Stevens, Vladimir Lenin, Lenny Bruce, George Forman, Claus von Bulow. also interesting is the only one i had to look up was von Bulow.


, wiki article edited yesterday.

Sukkot BEGINS on the 27th of September 2015 and ends on the 4th of October, today. We are advised in the bible to build a hut covered with branches that have green leaves on them...sod, in other words, a sod roof. We are to hang our harvest from this roof at this time of year. I built a sweat-lodge and covered it with dirt. Synchronistically, perhaps, the last bit of wire mesh needed for my sod roof arrived today, the last day of Sukkot and I shoveled some more dirt onto the roof of it. My Sukkah stands ready to serve, if required, for an emergency, or when the dragon comes....?


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Interesting post!

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