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Does the clock in the waiting room make you nervous? Wouldn't a beautiful photo from a beach make you feel a lot more relaxed?

Naked Walls

How would you feel if you were in an institution with only naked walls? Or nervously waiting for the dentist to call your name in a waiting room with nothing else to rest your eyes on but a clock? Compare that feeling to how you feel when you look at a beautiful piece of art.

Music sets the atmosphere wherever you go, and so does art. Art in waiting rooms, procedure areas, emergency rooms, and so on provides a welcoming environment and helps people relax. Art sets the mood and makes visitors feel that they are being taken care of. As a doctor or dentist you give nervous patients a chance to shift their focus from something they fear to something pleasing. Art often brings back memories of what we used to do and what dreams we had for our future. A photo or painting can also let the imagination flow so it’s possible to escape and drift away for a few minutes.

Art Reveals Personality

Another advantage is that it brings energy to the room and invigorates colleagues and employees. Art brings life to dead spaces in your office, waiting room or business area.

You also welcome your clients and show them that you’re there to take care of them as soon as they walk through the door. Art reveals who you and maybe even your colleagues are on the inside. This can be quite reassuring for someone who is a little anxious about seeing the doctor.

Art as a Healing Tool

A quick search online confirms that many patients feel they have been healed from numerous diseases by surrounding themselves with art or by taking up one of the art forms as a hobby or even as a career.

From this site http://www.artashealing.org/ I have learned that art makes the body’s physiology change from stress to relaxation and from fear to creativity and inspiration. Music and art put a person in a different brain wave pattern and affects the autonomic nervous system, their hormonal balance and their brain neurotransmitters.

In many hospitals doctors, nurses and therapists have included art and music as a powerful healing tool combined with the traditional medicine.


In addition to adorning the walls there are many benefits from including art in hospitals or institution settings:
1. Art brings energy to a room and gives a positive work environment for the staff.
2. Art creates a supportive environment by showing that visitors, staff and patients are cared for.
3. Art relieves stress caused by the setting.
4. Art gives visitors and patients a chance to drift away and forget their worries for a moment.
5. Art works as maps and makes it easier to find the way around the premises.
6. Art provides a de-institutionalized feel to the environment.
7. Art reflects what the facility stands for.
8. Art makes a great focus point and a topic for conversations

How to Choose Art

It’s obviously important that the artworks are chosen wisely as some pieces may have the opposite effect and can be provocative and disturbing instead of energizing or relaxing.
Images of silent water and nature are known to be relaxing. Smiling faces are also positive as well as anything that symbolizes nature, growth and wellness. Flowers, parks and spaces that are not threatening in any way are also good imagery. Nature scenes should be colorful and happy rather than gloomy and lonely.

Other Thoughts

It’s also wise to choose art that reflects the majority of the people frequenting the premises;

1. Ethnicity and culture that they are familiar with.
2. Crisp images for people with eye problems.
3. People who should eat more will benefit from images of colorful food.
4. People in wheelchairs need to have the art hung lower.
5. Heart patients should not be surrounded by too much red as that can cause increased heart rate. Blues and greens work better here and in emergency rooms.
6. Young children seem to take more interest in their own drawings and paintings, and also in interactive 3-dimensional artworks.

Art should be selected to please and serve the majority of the people in the institution whether they need to relax, to eat, to dream or to smile.

All in all, art is for everyone and should be everywhere!

All photos in this article are my own.


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author avatar Deepizzaguy
8th May 2015 (#)

Artwork like seeing a nice lake or waterway would sooth any hard feelings or anger or hurt that have tackled me from time to time.

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author avatar Graceful
9th May 2015 (#)

Yes, Deepizzaguy, I believe it can be soothing if you take the time to look. :-) Thanks for commenting!

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
9th May 2015 (#)

You are welcome Graceful.

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