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This is an article reflecting upon the damage we humans have done to our precious planet. We all need to do our part and go green.


Saving the environment is very topical at this moment. We know that governments across the world are having summits upon summits to figure out ways to clean up the planet. The world scientists are warning us that the earth is warming up at an alarming rate, and this is causing major changes to our earth; polar ice caps are melting, more floods across the world because of the melting, animals are dying, new breeds of insects are populating the earth, and eventually people will die because of the extreme heat in certain parts of the world yet to come, or water shortages that occurs after the floods, poor water quality and famine.

Fossil fuels and climate change

These changes have been blamed upon fossil fuels, which has been dubbed greenhouse gas emissions because of the greenhouse effect that they are producing on our earth. Fossil fuels are released into the earth's atmosphere and instead of going into outer space some of it stays within the atmosphere making the earth warmer than usual. Scientists have found alarming climate changes within the last hundred years and especially in the last twenty years. The six major fossil fuels and greenhouse gases responsible for global warming is:

Carbon dioxide methane gas nitrous oxide CFC's Water vapor
Now the earth naturally emits these substances; but, man has made it worst with burning fossil fuels for heating and electricity, cars and motor vehicles, landfills, and more.

We, as citizens of the world, always blame the government, and big factories and plants, or even the scientists for lying to us about it. However, whether you believe or you don't believe that cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions will save our planet from global warming; it certainly would not hurt to be a good consumer, and cut down on unnecessary waste.

Different ways to go green

There are many ways of going green, each of us can do our share to help the environment and the governments of the world combat this problem.

At home you can conserve energy and get onto the bandwagon and go green!

Turn down the thermostat during the day when you leave the house, and turn it down in rooms you are not using.

Turn it down - Turn down your water heater, and home thermostats for heating in the winter. If you turn down your thermostat by just as little as one degree you will not only save money on heating, you will also release less fossil fuels into the air.

Insulate your home - Cover window and doors from drafts with special energy saving material. This too will save on heating costs.

Use florescent lights - Instead of incandescent lights these florescent lights are energy savers.

Turn off and unplug electrical or electronic appliances - These items include, toasters, coffee makers, and computers including printer, monitor, scanner, DVD, and TV's when you are not using them. The current is still running through these machines and using energy even if you just turn the switch off, you must unplug them.

Buy energy saving appliances.

Use recycled paper for notes and any unofficial writing.

Recycle waste
- Make sure to recycle paper, plastic, cardboard and glass and use the special bins provided by your city or municipality.

Take containers to work
with your lunch rather than using paper or plastic bags.

Save your glass containers for food. I use my glass containers for home made spaghetti sauce. You can also use glass bottles for nails, buttons, thread whatever you can think of that will fit the shape of the bottle rather than throw them out.

Take a canvas bag
or bring your own bags to the grocery store rather than get others from the grocery store that will only clutter the house and you will be eventually thrown out.

Use cloths that can be washed
rather than paper towels to clean up messes.

Walk or take the bus as much as you can
rather than take your car. If you must take a car, carpool whenever you can.

Every little bit helps. You really can make a difference to help save our planet.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Eating less meat is one way of going green, as is growing your own food, and not eating any thing that is imported.

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author avatar Shamarie
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Great article, Carol! Thanks for sharing! We definitely need to do more for our planet!!!

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author avatar Souvik
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Very well written Carol. We are required to protect nature.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar brendamarie
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Carol, I believe most people do their best to go green. I know, there is always more one could do.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Good post, thanks Carol.

We should be mindful of what we do, how we live our lives. Waste not, want not - is one saying that I learned when I was very young. Also my conscience pricks and I have a term too "criminal waste" when I see people just don't care - siva

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author avatar pohtiongho
8th Nov 2015 (#)

You and I care about the environment. But there is very little we can do because for most governments, the laws only appear on papers. Every year from May till November, plantation workers burn their lands because it the the cheapest way of clearing it for agriculture purposes. This happens in Malaysia and Indonesia and the UN is keeping quiet about the issue.

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author avatar pohtiongho
8th Nov 2015 (#)

More than 200 000 people die annually worldwide because of air pollution. Why is the UN not doing anything?

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author avatar Retired
8th Nov 2015 (#)

The United Nations is doing a huge amount of work in this area. Don't forget that the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) was set up under the aegis of the United Nations and is the major organisation that is investigating and reporting on many aspects of climate change.

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author avatar Carol Roach
8th Nov 2015 (#)

I know what you mean, pohtongho there needs to be more public pressure on our governments

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author avatar Lesa Cote
11th Feb 2020 (#)

Thanks for the great blog on environment. Spanish homework help admires this post

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