Help with Diet and Food for Chinese Button Quails

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Help with Diet and Food for Chinese Button Quails Including Vegetables, Fruit, and Protein

Help with Diet and Food for Chinese Button Quails

You may be looking for help with raising your own chinese button quails, or merely curious, but read on to learn about the diet of these curious little birds.

Found in many parts of the world including Australasia, Africa and the warmer parts of Europe, a lot of their diet consists of fresh fruit and vegetables. When I first started raising button quails I mainly just needed examples of what to try to feed them; even just any old leftovers can sometimes do. Many people buy these vitamins and minerals, and add them to the quails water but I prefer the old-fashioned way of actually giving them these fruits and vegetables with the natural nutrients in them.

It hardly costs anything to feed them, really; most of their "treats" can simply be cooked up with your meals - using up old vegetables in the fridge, etc. That apple nobody wants to eat? Cut it up into small pieces and this will be incredibly healthy for the quails. Even putting a couple of leftover strands of spaghetti in their cage will garner your favour with them.

Warning: NEVER feed avocado to poultry - immensely poisonous!

Apart from the obvious grit/poultry feed (which should make up around 60%-70% of their diet) and a variety of seeds (including hemp, rape and millet) try feeding them:

Cooked rice
Uncooked peas
Crickets and maggots
Spinach and kale
Melon (even putting the leftover rind in their enclosure is sufficient - they like to peck at it for a day or so)
Clovers and dandelion heads from the garden
Hard-boiled egg occasionally
Oyster shells, crushed
Small amounts of breadcrumbs
Cooked beans
Crushed cereal

They great thing about these birds is that they can have very distinguished tastes and you soon learn what each individual birds loves and dislikes. All of my quails go crazy for cucumber, half of them won't eat apple; and the males seem to enjoy the odd noodle.

Mealworms, alive or dead, are a pretty vital thing to put into their diet as it provides protein, calcium and other vital nutrients - especially if you want them to lay proper eggs! If the eggs don't get enough calcium the shell will simply not form properly. Mealworms are pretty expensive in the shops most of the time but you can get them loads cheaper online, and at pound stores. Don't over-do them though - try and make it so that each bird has no more than seven mealworms a day; they contain quite a lot of fat after all.

Another way to increase the level of calcium in their diets is to crush up egg shells every now and again (any egg will do; even their own) and introduce this to their diet. Especially important for females, but they seem to like egg shells more than the males anyway.

Remember, when giving button quails mealworms, spaghetti and other worm-like objects, it is not unusual for the males to eat hardly any of these at all. He will usually present them to a female as a gift, a kind of peace offering in preparation for mating.

Have fun trying with these different foods!


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