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If you meet your Guru or Buddha on the road, kill him is similar to what Sheldon B. Kopp said about "help outside of yourself without attempting to help yourself and have God meet you halfway as you are helping yourself. I want to get straight to the point here and now. We must genuinely start the process and see it through, nobody else is going to do it for us. I will go on with a few sections that hopefully make enough understandable sense.

The mirror

It starts with the person looking at you in the mirror, no matter what. Whatever outer advantage or "leg up" you have, you must have reality inside of you first. Here is what I mean by that: Instead of looking for someone to "make you useful", have a useful mentality first and the rest will be added.

Here in this article, I am not going to mince words, be silly or even fight reason. I am just going to let the reason and reality flow out of me as a genuine gift to you. I want you to meet God halfway and help yourself. Because, however it happens, God will not force you out of bed in the morning, and God gave you free will to be lazy or productive anyway. That person you see in the mirror anyway it goes after you get out of bed has to get ready, and nobody is going to do that for them, either.

Strange offers of help aside. There is nothing stronger than a personal prayer life combined with initiative action to get you going in reality. We all can have a fantasy of greatness, but to achieve it genuinely, we all have to meet God halfway and God will help us at key points when we genuinely need it. Indeed, if God knows everything, God knows when to come in and give a working impetus.

No matter what though, free will starts with what you see in the mirror staring at you, and you have a choice. You have a choice to be totally lazy and inattentive or realistically productive.

After the mirror, and in the world

My fault or my virtue, it is time to work. It is time to put the money where the mouth is. Help happens when you help yourself well first, anyway. Sure, this sounds a little like George Jean Nathan's saying about "first, last and all the time, you and yourself only" and a little gross. But, what is more telling than the honest truth about it all: You have to plant seed to get fruit or vegetable. You have to lay the bricks or put up a wall in the case of stucco to build. Get my point. Nothing comes from nowhere, especially when it seems to. Sure, I believe in miracles, definitely. But everything comes down to value, rational and realistic value in the right places and times. Tons of good ice cream in a desert would work. Tons of good ice cream in a tundra is simply irritating. That is an extreme case of what I am saying, but it illustrates what I mean. Value is relative, and what benefits works, what does not benefit does not work.

From hope and faith to certainty

We must start the ball rolling if we want the help of gravity and motion to get it anywhere. Sure, I could make this statement less realistic and say hope gets behind it and starts everything going without much effort and all of those high-sounding, beautiful, seeming, wonderful platitudes that sound good. But sounding good and doing good genuinely are two different things. In fact that is the secret of the non sequitur, it just sounds good, but does nothing genuinely. You have to follow the good sounds with great action to genuinely mean anything, anchor it in reality and follow through or do the ultimate pro sequitur. After all, non sequitur is Latin for "it does not follow", and pro sequitur is Latin also for, it does follow, it works, or however you want to put it positively. We must follow through and fulfill in order for life to work for us. That is what I mean by God will meet you halfway if you meet God halfway in action.

You can choose to understand what I am saying or hope that you do not understand. Either way, reality is there and we must tackle it or get tackled.


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